Wrestling Roundtable 1/17/10 Part 2 – Best/Worst Gimmick Matches


The panel discusses which makes the Best & Worst Gimmick Match types. Which were our favorites and which were the stupidest? And what were the best & worst gimmick matches ever? Hosted by Eric Santamaria. Join us next week when we’ll cover the Year In Review 2009, as well as the Decade In Review 2000-2009. Don’t forget to join us on wrestlingroundtable.com for more! * The views expressed on The Wrestling Roundtable are solely those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views of any other entity, person or organization *

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    25 Responses to “Wrestling Roundtable 1/17/10 Part 2 – Best/Worst Gimmick Matches”

    1. rinehart316 says:

      Worst: Sky-Walkers Match.
      Best: War Games

    2. antsman88 says:

      kennel from hell is an awful match, bt check out mick foley and kevin kelly dubbing the commentary! they’re hilarious!

    3. jerzeefranky3475 says:

      i dont htink u can blame vince russo invented the “reverse” battle royal…i think that either the original tri-state wrestling alliance (the pre-cursor 2 the original ecw)…& even the original “eastern”-era ecw did it,as well…maybe russo saw it & brought it 2 the wherever he brought it 2 (im guessing either wcw &/or tna)…

    4. Humpzilla21 says:

      War Games!

    5. bigbowller09 says:

      @WrestlingRoundtable I belive wrestling in the 80’s and 90’s are better than today’s wrestling!!!

    6. woody72691 says:

      worst was Kennel from hell of couse but I liked the concept of having the Hell in a cell over a steel cage but that turned out wrong. the best is iron man match. Cena-Orton, Rock-HHH, HBK-Bret. so many good ones.

    7. DogFacedGremlin76 says:

      What State do you guys Broadcast from? Im a retired at age 33 wrestler out of Florida and We Here in Florida Wrestling Feds watch you guys all the Time, I am a Big Fan of you guys. You will all be Mainstream TV Level In the Next few years, i can totally See it!

    8. jerzeefranky3475 says:

      i think the old ecw (eastern) &/or its predacessor…twa (pro wrestling)(tri state) invented the “reverse” battle royal…& was even used by iwccw/icw…wh even had a BR in an empty pool or something…during the fall/winter…in the east coast,no less (NJ/PA/upstate NY mostly)…

    9. UzumakiSonic619 says:

      How the hell do you do a reverse battle royal? Besides having Vince Russo?

    10. dougledon says:

      worst to me was randy savage & hogan vs the alliance to end hulkamania

    11. HCErik says:

      IM A SUCKER for the King OF The Mountain

    12. ottawasenatorsrule19 says:

      ultimate x is one of the best gimmick matches

    13. Sweetguy9009 says:

      @WrestlingRoundtable King of The Mountain is my worst gimmick match. How many rules does that match have? I have too many for best. War Games is probably my favorite, Hell in A Cell, Ladder Matches, TLC.

    14. edgehead2002 says:

      Hey wrestling roundtable where can i find the match at 8:19?

    15. MRobert21 says:

      Shawn Michaels can still go an hour because I saw him carry Cena for near an hour in a great match (that proved Cena could go an hour too). HHH has proven multiple times he can go an hour as can most WWF guys if they get enough cardio training. Best gimmick match ever was Pat Patterson creating the Royal Rumble because that 1 match has sold pay per views for over 20 years now. Cage matches also have to be up there as best gimmick match ever whether you call Hell In A Cell a cage or not.

    16. MRobert21 says:

      Any thing on a pole matches always suck and they were invented long before Russo, though for Russo also toss in Pinata on a pole and Judy Bagwell on a pole for pure sucking. Scaffold matches always sucked because it is impossible to do any thing up there and they led to horrible injuries. Blindfold matches always suck unless you are in the live crowd cheering the face on. Worst match nobody knows about is shark cage match with 2 guys in a cage smaller than a closet (see Wrestling Gold box set)

    17. notoriousrob01 says:

      For worst matches you guys forgot Vince Russo’s Viagra on a Pole Match. I think it was between Billy Kidman and Shane Douglas it was when they were fighting over Torrie Wilson

    18. waffleriddle says:

      my favourite gimmick match has got to be undertaker vs mankind HELL IN A CELL

    19. JoshOrtiz88 says:

      Hey, that Booker and Ahmed Johnson match taught children how to abbreviate. It was more educational then Sesame Street.

    20. kaydee11 says:

      hey what about the scaffold match? i remember rock & roll express, midnight express, and the road warriors performing well in those matches.

    21. jesus316 says:

      Let me ask you guys, do you think that any two wrestlers, currently in the WWE can wrestle a 1 hour iron man match. That means the fans being engaged for an hour of one match and still being engaged. And this doesn’t include saying, Shawn Michaels ten years younger.

    22. quotenevermore432 says:

      strecher match is the worst gimmick match ever. when they said that big show and brock would have one i it seemed very good, but now they use it like cute kip vs kong what???? it is overused

    23. TheNextVinceRusso says:

      I think it would be entertaining to see the Roundtable come up with some gimmick matches of their own. You guys should do that at some point. Maybe put this one down for your next Q & A.

    24. TommyVercetti224 says:

      I realize how much it costs for microphones, but could you guys maybe talk a bit louder. I love the show, but half the time I can barely make out what you guys are saying.

    25. RandomMindz says:

      funny thought:

      almost every wrestling game I played with friends/family members, we always play the Royal Rumble