Would your recommend both outdoor and pad training together?


I been puting pads near the windows, my dog will pee on the pads, but he still poops in corners of different areas of the house. I’m trying to get him house broken, buy taking him out every 2-3 hours, but so far it has not been working, when he goes out all he wanted to do is playing in the grass and forgot about doing his business, am I confusing him?
Also, is there anything I can buy in the pet store to prevent him go anywhere in the house? Like a spray?
It’s a Shih Tzu

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    9 Responses to “Would your recommend both outdoor and pad training together?”

    1. Madison says:

      You are just confusing the dog. Most dogs do not understand the concept of puppy pads- they think it’s alright to go anywhere in the house so it’s best to strictly train them to go outside. Take him outside 15-30 minutes after he eats because that stimulates a bowel movement. When you are going outside say "let’s go outside to potty" and when you get outside say "go potty". If he goes in the house say "No! Potty outside!" and immediately take him outside and say "go potty". This will help him relate going potty to outside. Try taking him outside once an hour so he has no chance of going potty inside. Also, take him out on a leash so he has a less chance of being distracted by playing too much. Have treats on hand with you outside so you can immediately reward him for going outside.

    2. lemontea26 says:

      outdoor but just wait and don’t yell at the dog

    3. sleepycatz1972 says:

      you don’t say how old he is, but he may just be too young yet to really get the picture. some dogs just take longer to train than others. they’re right, though – don’t use pads – go with a crate. with pads, the pup may not be able to distinguish between what he can go on and what he can’t. hence, any cloth or paper left on the floor may be fair game to him. he really shouldn’t have full run of the house until he’s housebroken – it’s like taking a diaper off a baby & letting it wander all over before it’s potty trained. all it does is frustrate you and cause messes. prevention is the key with training – take him out when he wakes up, when he’s been playing hard, about 15 mins after when he gets done eating or drinking, anytime he’s sniffing or circling. walk him out for 15 mins then come back in. pop him in the crate if he hadn’t gone when he was out, take him back out after 15 more mins. & try again. do this over again until he goes. (it’s not an easy process, this housebreaking thing, but it’s goes faster if you are consistant and always watchful.) don’t swoop on him like a vulture when he starts to go inside, that will scare it right out of him, lol. be patient & do the same thing each and every time – it will eventually kick in.

      i’ve always found that housebreaking is easier in the wintertime, simply because they don’t want to linger too much in the cold. you may find that as the weather turns colder, he might play less and pay more attention to doing his job & gettign back in. good luck – they’re only young once so enjoy the good parts!

    4. sweet sweet jane says:

      I suggest putting down pads ONLY when you are away and cannot take him out. Otherwise, pick them up and store them and take him outside every 2 hours. Take him on a leash. When you get where he is to go, a special spot, tell him to go potty. Walk him in a small area, just in that area, saying ‘go potty’. Once he does this, repeat the phrase, then praise him endlessly. Then repeat each time in the same spot–on the leash. Make sure you say the phrase, whatever it is, so that he will know, once off the leash, what he is outside to do. He should be trained like this in about 1 1/2 weeks at the most.
      Also, if you have a screened in porch or something, I would suggest getting a large plastic container and filling it with cedar bark. You can do this inside too, but it is better outside. When you cannot be at home (long day at work, etc) you can teach him the same technique using the plastic box kind of like a litter box. You must take out the poop each time you see it, but the pee can stay until the shavings look bad or until he doesn’t seem to like it as much. Then just dump in a bag or in the woods and you have mulch!! He may not be using the pads inside b/c he doesn’t like the smell of the pee on them. This nearly eliminates the odor and costs a lot less than those pads do. Good luck!!

    5. minananana says:

      well i have a new puppy and she is almost trained what u do is u keep doing what u r doing but leave him in the back until he starts barking by the door. And there is some spray u can use just go to your local pet store the generic brands work best.

    6. jams says:

      forget the pads. use a crate and a potty spot outside (and he needs to be going out on a leash!)

      he doesnt potty, he comes inside and goes in the crate and tries potty outside again in 15 mins.

      if hes pooping in corners of ur house, u either:
      a.) arent watching/supervising/confining him enough
      b.)have punished him for going in the house instead of redirecting him to the appropriate spots

    7. tom l says:

      Would your recommend both outdoor and pad training together?

      Why would you want to teach your dog to go to the bathroom in the house???

    8. brown*eyed*girl says:

      omg, i dont know the answer to your ?, but what kinda dog is in your pic? it is sooooooo freakin adorable!!! 🙂

    9. arial39 says:

      youre confusing your puppy it don’t now whether you want it to go in the house or outside.i myself wouldn’t recommend puppy pads for ANY dog they would much rather go out to use the bathroom.training them on pads just tells them…sure go ahead its fine to pee in the house….and my little shih tzu wont pee and poop in the same place. she has a big long run she gets to go out and play on…she goes to one end to pee and to the other to poop…every time. maybe this is why yours wont do both on the pads…he/she just doesn’t like it.