Woman Eats Dog Food for Nitro’s Law: Day 17, Questions and Answers


Let them eat dog food! I am eating dog food every day (one full meal a day), starting February 1, 2011, and posting a video diary of it on YouTube every single day until Nitro’s Law gets reintroduced to the Ohio House of Representatives. www.nikkimoustaki.com

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4 Responses to “Woman Eats Dog Food for Nitro’s Law: Day 17, Questions and Answers”

  1. patrickmahaney says:

    Thank your for starting my day off with a smile! How can I become associated with the “National Center for Eating Dog Food”?

  2. PetsPhotography says:

    Thanks for including the intermission in this video. For a change it gave me some much needed time to make some popcorn and take a bathroom break before watching the rest of the vid.

  3. FlutterFoxFly says:

    You should do more questions and answers, about yourself and doggies. We love Nitro, but we also love you!

  4. HalfDozDogs says:

    This is my favorite so far!

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