Will renters insurance will cover pet damage? Ripped carpet, torn screens, chewed woodwork?


I recently lost a roommate with a dog, my dog has since gone through a major separation anxiety. He’s dug up the berber carpet at the back door to my residence and to my bedroom. He’s jumped through/clawed through multiple screens, and has even chewed up some of the trip around the doorway trying to get outside. He is a 12 year old Jack Russell who has never been kenneled and we’ve got this, for the most part, under control. Will my renters insurance cover replacement to the carpet, screens, and trim?

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    7 Responses to “Will renters insurance will cover pet damage? Ripped carpet, torn screens, chewed woodwork?”

    1. acermill says:

      Renter’s insurance does not cover damages caused by your pet(s). You will need to pay your landlord for these damages upon leaving the premises, OR fix them yourself ahead of such time.

    2. Insurance Pickle.com says:

      Nope. Your pet…your responsibility.

    3. Judy says:

      Nope, sorry.

    4. Sharon T says:

      No, your pet is your responsibility.

    5. ANON says:

      Check your statement of policy for the renter’s insurance to verify it, but I don’t think so. However, if you paid a pet deposit that should be used by your landlords for any repairs after you move. That is why they ask for pet deposits.

    6. Chrys says:

      no…it’s not an accident, nor an act of God…it could have been prevented

    7. mbrcatz says:

      Most likely not.

      The standard renters insurance policy HO4 form, has an exclusion in it for damage done to the premises you are renting, except by smoke, fire, or explosion.

      Pull out your policy form, refer to section II exclusions, 2. Coverage E Personal Liability does not apply to c. property damage to property . . . rented to the insured. This exclusion does not apply to property damage caused by fire, smoke, or explosion.


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