Will my dog remember this, and hate me?


We got our dog from the Humane Society Friday, black lab 4 months, she was spaded last Wednesday so she had that little healing going on. We were told no exercise for about 7 days, so I’m patiently waiting to take her for a walk everyday! My fiance leaves for work at 5 p.m. and I get home at 6 p.m., so she stays in the hall way behind a really high plastic baby gate and inbetween the doors for that hour.
Alright, so on to today…I come home to find blood all over the hallway…apparently she had gotten at her incision, she never did this before, and it started to bleed terribly, and some fatty stuff was hanging out. I came home, saw it, and cried. I called the vet and they said bring her right away. I had to put her in her kennel to get her there or she’d bleed all over the car and get all over everything, and I didn’t want the stuff hanging out to get infected from dirt or anything. I don’t ever do this, but I litteraly had to force her in her kennel, I hated it so much but I feel I had no choice, she woulnd’t budge with a treat, toy or anything she hates it. And on top of that I had to leave her at the vet overnight! She’s going to hate it there I know it.
My question…will she not like me now when she gets home? My fiance will be picking her up since I’ll be at work in the morning, so will she act different towards me now, or will she still be happy to see me? I’m so worried, it’s my first pet so I don’t know to much about this. Thanks 🙂
P.S…the vet called and they fixed her up, we get her in the morning…luckily it was just fat hanging, but still…this sucks 🙁

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7 Responses to “Will my dog remember this, and hate me?”

  1. Muffin [Kylie] says:

    She’ll just be glad to see you. =] It wont make her hate you. I don’t really think she’ll "remember" you causing her any… distress. Besides, even if she did dogs are extremely forgiving. =o

  2. Whitney says:

    I remember my dog. I literally dragged him out of his electric fence but he didn’t bite me or anything mean. I felt so guilty after. Anyway, lets get back to the point. Dogs have bad memories. (Trust me, l have had experience!) She most likely not to remember it. But make sure that you give her a GIGANTIC, HUGE, SWEETEST hug you have ever gave her when she gets home from the vet. (She probably needs it! :)) Give her kisses and all of that stuff.

    I hope this helped!

    -Whitney (the unique person)

  3. ladystang says:

    doubt it
    get a e collar to keep her away from incision
    talk to vet about walking on lead for exercise
    i walked mine every day after, as only way i could get her energy level down from bouncing off the walls.

  4. Aduial says:

    Stop humanizing your dog. She’s a dog, not a person. That means she does not hold grudges.

  5. Schae says:

    No she wont hate you. She’s just a puppy. She doesn’t know better. You did it to help her.

  6. Judy and the Beast says:

    She will be happy to see you! Try the Elizabethan collar deal to keep her from licking it. http://www.suite101.com/view_image_articles.cfm/1246782

  7. Bini says:

    Dont worry, your dog will be so excited to see you after its been forever to them! yes ur pup will forgive you