Will my dog have forgotten me?


I have a 6 year old red miniature pinscher named Polo (Poe-low haha).
We’ve had him since he was 3 months old, and he’s always lived in the city in apartments with us. Occasionally, we’ve had to put him with friends or in a kennel for about a week when we moved or travelled.
Now, however, it’s different. We had to move out of our apartment and into a temporary one (where dogs are not allowed until we find our own place) and placed him at a nice farm where there are other dogs and cats (no, not the imaginary farm where pets go to die, it’s a real one haha.) and where he’ll have enough space to run wherever – and the lady taking care would try help and make him a little calmer because she is experienced with dogs. We couldn’t visit him for 2 reasons:
1. It’s very far away, approx. 1-2 hours, and costs a lot to get there (with train, don’t have a car.)
2. We’re afraid of abandoning him AGAIN if we ever did visit him.
He’s been there since late October, and now it’s late February, so I’m wondering whether he will have forgotten me and my family?

Now we’ve found an apartment, and we’ll be moving in there mid-March. However, we need to get our boxes properly moved in, and even renovate a little, so we would either be getting him late March or early April.
Is it possible he has forgotten us?

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8 Responses to “Will my dog have forgotten me?”

  1. CHRISTOPHER says:

    Dogs are "man’s best friend". definitely it won’t forget you. Give him a cuddle and a kiss and he will be around with u all the day again..

  2. Field Labs Rock! says:

    i have to agree with Reality Check.
    i highly doubt he has forgotten you or his family. But the fact that for almost 6 months he has been living in the country, which means a lot of place to roam and run, and then bringing him back to your appartement, small no room to run. I also noticed you wrote that where you placed him would make him calmer, i would assume you didn’t walk him often or unless you didn’t have any dog parks for him to run at. Think about it, do you have time for your dog, walking him for the needed 30mins twice a day, will you continue to travel often and move often? do you have time to cuddle and spend personal time with him? I think moving often can be hard on any dog especially if you keep placing him at a friends or in kennels a lot. Think about what your dog is going through and think if he really wants to go from free roaming to confined appartment.

  3. Reality Check written in crayon says:

    I doubt he has forgotten you.
    My main concern would be if he would be content to live in an apt after being in the county. If you don’t have the same room he has now, it may be better for him to be left where he is..for his sake.

  4. ladystang says:

    depends on what kind of bond you had before

  5. werewolf girl says:

    i doubt he whould dont worry he will be the happiest dog 2 see u again

  6. HHMM says:

    no the minute he gets your scent he will be very happy to see you

  7. S o ρ h i є ♥ says:

    No, I think that it’s very unlikely that he has forgotten you. He’ll be so excited to see you!

  8. OIFMarine says:

    I was gone for 7 months straight. The dog remembered me just fine when I came home. Your dog will too.