Why won't my dog stop going in the house?


My husband and I have a three year old female jack russell terrier and a two and half year old male lab mix. We got the JR first, then a few months later we got the lab. We’ve had them both since they were puppies. The JR is the alpha dog, but they get along well. We also have a one-year-old son. There has never been any jealousy of the baby and the dogs have never felt threatened by his presence in the house. They love him and are protective of him. The JR was trained on puppy pads. She was my first dog and I didn’t know any better. Obviously with a toddler running around, I don’t want puppy pads where he can get into them, so we’ve moved them to the basement and my JR knows where they are. Here is the problem: We crate our lab when we’re not home, because he can be very destructive, but the JR is too small to get into the garbage and tear stuff up, so we leave her out. When we’re not there, she is fine. She will go to the basement and use her pad no problem. At night, though, she is waking up and going in a corner of the dining room, and if we don’t keep our bedroom door shut while we’re not in there during the day, she pees and poops in there as well. I get up in the morning and find messes in the dining room and sometimes a puddle in our bathroom. What is going on? Why will she use her pad during the day but not at night? I change her pad daily, show it to her, and at night I leave the basement light on for her. Last night I scrubbed and scrubbed the spot in the dining room with baking soda and vinegar water to try and get some of the odor up, and I moved her food tray to that corner thinking she wouldn’t mess there. It didn’t work. Can someone give me some insight? Is she just being lazy? She is a very good dog except for this problem, so I don’t want to get rid of her. And my lab is housebroken perfectly!

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3 Responses to “Why won't my dog stop going in the house?”

  1. pǝʞɔıʍ ɥɔʇıʍ™ of the West says:

    She’s a terrier, she doesn’t HAVE to hold it all night, why should she? She’s too lazy to go to the basement, that’s about the size of it. She’s the only one in the house who’s "bathroom" got moved from it’s customary place. Start picking up her food and water 2 hours before bedtime, take her to her potty area, stay with her, praise her when she uses it and crate her at night, at least for a while.
    My five year old male Havanese started going in the house at night, so he went back to a crate like a puppy at night for about a week, he quit doing it.
    Just treat her like you did when she was a pup for a little while and she’ll "get it" again.

  2. tender_heart says:

    have you tried to put the potty pads in the place where she is going in that room. If she has chosen that spot it could help if you placed then there. If you don’t wants pads can always see if she will use the dog litter they have now. Try to find a product at the pet store to help remove urine odors if the smell is still in the carpet she will keep returning to the place no matter what you do. Does she have any leg problems? could the way to the basement be hard for her to travel if that is the case it probably is easier for her to go where she shouldn’t instead of going to the location provided for her.

  3. ZombieMom says:

    The JR may not like going to the basement at night. Just like people, dogs can be scared of the dark or what not.
    Try putting the pads in those spots during the night where the JR is going.
    And, try calling the vet and asking them as well. They tend to know a bit about animal habits, what’s good, what’s bad and how to fix/treat them.
    I hope it gets worked out.
    We all love our pets like children and when they do things we don’t like it’s hard to know what to do because they can’t talk to us and tell us what the problem truly is.
    Vets, if they don’t know, usually know people who are very informed in animal behavior and can point you in their direction for help.
    Good luck.