Why should I use a muzzle on my dog? Is it safe?

Why should I use a muzzle on my dog? Is it safe?


In what circumstances should I start to use a muzzle on my dog? Will this help her get used to being around other dogs in a safe way? Or will it just make her mad? Is it safe for her?

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    1. Annie says:

      Do not muzzle your dog to get her used to other dogs in a safe way it is not fare to her and it is not the right way to go about getting her used to other dogs. Make sure you have full control over your dog with collar and leash and same with the other dogs that are around and that will keep the dogs safe. I have a dog that used to be great with other dogs then a dog went after her and now she is fear aggressive sometimes. What I do is take her as many public places as possible and let her greet only when both her and the other dog are calm. If she agresses than I take her away immediately, and make sure you warn the other owner before you let your dog greet any other dog. Try to let your dog smell the other dogs rump first that way you are more likely to get a good response it is also safer. You can also try taking your dog to a obedience class for socialization and also that way there is a qualified trainer supervising.
      Good luck!

    2. Manda A says:

      If you don’t have any problems right now, don’t muzzle.

      I’ve only ever muzzled my dogs once and that was for Lure Coursing so she didn’t rip the lure apart.

    3. Babyy says:

      it cpould make her ad if she unconfortable. Try looking up how to trian her to like dogs or at least get used to them. Muzzles arent always the answer buh they do work.

    4. Kat says:

      It’s safe and it is good if she is agressive towards other dogs and it allows her to be around them by keeping the other dog safe.

      Hope I helped 🙂

    5. *Show Breeder or NO Breeder!* says:

      The only reason you would use a muzzle in to prevent her from biting other dogs, or humans. Occasionally people use muzzles at home to stop their dogs from barking, and disturbing the neighbors. The muzzle doesn’t fix the problem, though, it just temporarily prevents the behavior.