why is the dog I'm babysitting freaking out whenever she is by a certain part of my bed?


ok so im babysitting my aunts dog, and she was on my bed walking around and started sniffing this part of my bed where there’s a pillow and a sweater. Then she like jumped back and got scared and didn’t go back there. then i picked her up and like took her by the place on my bed and she started getting scared so i took her away from there and started petting her and stuff. Why is she freaking out like this?

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    3 Responses to “why is the dog I'm babysitting freaking out whenever she is by a certain part of my bed?”

    1. rjn529 says:

      there is obviously a scent in that part of the bed that she either does not like, or for some reason has a fear of.

      Either way, don’t force her to go the spot, but by the same token, when she does act afraid, don’t coddle her – by petting her, you’re telling her it’s okay to be afraid. Just leave her alone, if she wants to go to the spot, quietly tell her she a good girl. If she avoids it or acts afraid, don’t do anything. Just leave her be until she calms down, then pet her.

    2. Stacy says:

      Do you have animals? She may be picking up on an unfamiliar smell that she is afraid of. Some dogs get very skittish about being in new places with a lot of new smells.

    3. Ashs Rainbow says:

      She must have caught a scent or a sense of something she didnt like! Smells can trigger bad memories for dogs maybe she had a tramtic experience or doesnt respond well to something with that scent. Good Luck!

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