Why is my puppy pp'ing in her crate?


I have a 13 week old rat terrier/chihuhua mix and shes been doing GREAT with not going in the house. Shes very smart and isnt the least bit scared to be alone. I bought a small small small kitten crate to keep her in while i go to class for 2 hours…(The crate is perfect, she can sit up, turn around, and sprawl out, Its not TOO big though) So i came home from class yesterday and her belly and pad were soaking wet with PeePee. I thought dogs didnt like to sit in there urine! Im just nervous shes gonna keep doing this. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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8 Responses to “Why is my puppy pp'ing in her crate?”

  1. ragtopgal says:

    Did you let her have a big drink before you put her in it?
    Did you take her out before you put her in it?
    Was it used and possibly already pee’d in at some point,
    and she is just claiming it.

    Those kind of dogs hon have a very small bladder, if she
    just had a big drink that could cause her to not be able
    to hold.

    Her little bladder is just not mature yet.

    There is also the possibility that she thinks she is being
    punnished or is for some reason afraid of her crate.

    The other possibility is that she is angry at you for
    putting her in there, and is just fouling it out of frustration. lol
    Dogs are very intelligent and they show anger just like ppl.

    OK so we don’t pee on things when we’re angry, but come on
    admit it….you’ve thought about it, I’m laughing so hard I have
    to go pee.


  2. John says:

    You should take her out to the bath room right before you leave for class. Then as soon as you get home take her out again and keep doing that and get her on a schedule she will know, and don’t stop that.

  3. MamaBas says:

    Did you SEE that she went before you left? Could be she went outside but didn’t actually go. You’ve said she’s smart so she might be doing this as a protest! Dogs don’t normally pee in their beds, but ……… try feeding her in her crate. My vet suggested I did this with mine after a couple of mistakes – it worked!

  4. ashley b says:

    Your right, dogs don’t like to sit in their own urine but, from what i learn they only like to go on items that absorb their urine (like grass). If you put a puppy pad in with her she going to go on it. what some owners do is buy sod and put in a large cake pan fence their dog in a hard floor room and some toys and food then leave. this should make the dog understand that grass is ok to go on and should help train them faster. hope this helps.

  5. cains6@sbcglobal.net says:

    Is this the first time she’s been in a crate? If not, she may have just drank too much water before you left, obviously. If it is the first time, a crate can be confusing. It may be that she doesn’t yet consider her crate "home" (since it’s new) and can’t differentiate between going outside and inside. Let her get used to the crate, put her in for longer periods each time. This will teach her it is a place to rest and not to relieve herself. Hope this helps.

  6. itsme says:

    did you take her out first before she went in the crate? maybe she is scared cuz shes left alone and cant see out sides? try leaving a radio on or tv on while you are gone for backround noise and make sure you take her out to potty before you put her in. also make sure nothing else is wrong with her, a bladder infection or uti maybe my dog peed herself when she got a bladder infection after her spay surgery.

  7. Bob says:

    she thinks the pad is nice so she pees on it! if u need any more help email me at twc22244@hotmail.com.

  8. the L eagle says:

    there is a simple solution , before u go to class make sure she pees and poops , that way u wont worry about her using the crate as a bathroom . good luck 🙂