Why is my potty-trained dog peeing the bed?


My 11 month old dachshund has been potty-trained for months, but recently he’s been peeing in the bed at night. The one time i caught him, he wasn’t even standing up, like it was in his sleep? Should i take him to the vet or is it an obedience thing?

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    4 Responses to “Why is my potty-trained dog peeing the bed?”

    1. Nancy M says:

      Yeap, anytime you have a drastic change in behavior like that, the dog needs to be checked out – could have bladder or kidney issues…. happens. Also make sure he can easily get off of the bed – sometimes long breeds like that can be prone to back injuries and it could be painful for him to jump off the bed or it could have actually caused nerve damage that could lead to incontinence like he is exhibiting but the first thing is to have him checked out health-wise by the vet.

    2. Sunshine says:

      I would hv to agree it sounds like an infection. Unless your dog is a senior then the dog is just losing control.

    3. Baby Rotty says:

      you may want to go to a vet.. that sounds like a leaky bladder or a bladder infection
      Hope This Helps! 😀

    4. pinkshocker77 says:

      my year old lab does this sometimes. the vet checked her for bladder stones and that was clear so he said that sometimes, like people they are in such a deep sleep that they just dont wake up to go potty. it could be stones so i would take him in to see the vet.

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