why is my friends dog wetting the bed?


My friend has a pug mix who is 2 years old. A few days ago she started wetting the bed while she is sleeping. She’s going to the vet on Tuesday but I was wondering if anyone knew anything she could do for now and what would cause this. a bladder infection?

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    4 Responses to “why is my friends dog wetting the bed?”

    1. MJF says:

      This is a common occurrence in female spayed dogs. It is a weakening of the pelvic muscles caused by a lack of female hormones resulting from having her ovaries removed. If the vet rules out an infection, he will probably suggest hormone tablets which will solve the problem and will need to be used long term. The problem generally occurs when the dog is lying down as the pressure on the muscles changes in the lying position.

    2. crystal says:

      This happens to my dog for two different reasons: 1. It happens when she has stones that cause urinary issues. 2. It happens any time she is given any type of steroid based medication. Unfortunately, the problem does not go away until the stones pass or until the steroid is completely out of her system.

    3. Wolf_Grrl says:

      I had a dog did that, we had adopted her from a shelter and about a month or so later she started wetting the bed..the vet ran some tests but couldnt find anything irregular, he said it must have been from her being spayed to early. She grew out of it.
      Advice for ur friends bed: Tell your friend to get a spray bottle and mix water and bleach, spay the bed good where the pug has peed and it will take out the smell and coloring.

    4. sahoppa says:

      Definitely a bladder infection could be the culprit. Could also be urinary tract or kidney problems, or even diabetes. To relieve the pain tonight, tell her to go get some Uristat from the store (sold usually around the feminine hygiene products) and give the dog 1/4 what the human doseage is. This will greatly relieve any pain or discomfort she is feeling. The vet is a must though, as an antibiotic might be needed as well.