Why is my dog peeing on my bed?


If we do not keep our bedroom door closed he will pee on the bed. I am a firefighter and just got back home form a medical call, to find he had peed on the bed. I did not know he was in the bed room when I closed the door. EEEEEHHH nasty! What is going on with this dog?

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    3 Responses to “Why is my dog peeing on my bed?”

    1. Brittany says:

      My dog does this too!! It makes me so mad!!! But i dont know what to do about it either, Besides keeping the door shut!

    2. D.R. Brushmower says:

      he may be scent marking, if he’s not neutered you should consider looking into that.

    3. StRaWbErRy!!!! says:

      my dog does this too….i think they pee on beds because they want to be "dominant" or "better". Also he could be doing it because he is mad at you for leaving him alone for so long so it’s his way of rebelling.

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