Why is my dog drinking so much water and acting weird?


My dog keeps drinking water and even out of the toilet. He downs his whole bowl and then looks for more. He is peeing on the floor even after we let him outside.

He is never like this. It just started today. What is wrong?

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    4 Responses to “Why is my dog drinking so much water and acting weird?”

    1. Apricot Lover says:

      Take him to the vet.

    2. TKS says:

      Kidney infection/disease or diabetes are two of the most common causes. You need to go to the vet and have some bloodwork done.

    3. b_bardi99 says:

      could be diabetic:you need to go to the vet!get a blood test done.
      dogs can live normal lives with diabetes.

    4. sarah says:

      Must I say it again?

      Excessive thirst/urination (pu/pd or polyuria/polydipsia) can easily be the result of him trying to flush out his own system – kidneys especially (i.e – got in to something toxic that may causer renal failure. Diabetes certainly is a cause, but I can’t see any reason for that to turn up in a day. Liver failure, as well as any sort of toxin, occasionally urinary tract infections (esp post-blockage).
      Excessive temp may also lead to increased thirst/urination. His temp should be around 100 102 degrees F.

      In any event, anything that can cause that dramatic of a change that rapidly deserves to be considered an emergency. He aught to be seen by a Dr. ASAP