Why is my dog all of a sudden pooping & peeing in the house?

Why is my dog all of a sudden pooping & peeing in the house?


I have a 2 year old Boxer (male) who is mostly an inside dog & (was) perfectly potty trained by 6 months old. In the past week I would say he has pooped, peed, & vomited in the house 4 or more times. He is not sick & has not eaten anything besides his normal amount of dog food each day. He has been to the vet recently & was cleared of worms or any other illnesses. We have, however, brought home a new member of the family (8 week old baby) recently & I am wondering if he is acting out to get attention that he feels he is not getting as much of anymore. His so called “accidents” seem to be worse and more frequent when I bring my Labrador inside. My Lab is NOT an inside dog but when the nights are too cold for him I have kennel in my basement for him to stay warm in. And last week that is where I found all three accidents in the same area directly in front of my labrador’s kennel. Is he marking the house as if to say “this is my area… yours is outside” ??? A few nights a ago I tried something different by putting my Labrador in my heated garage & giving my boxer his normal night time routine which is full range of the house with his dog bed (that he usually never leaves) in my bedroom. Then I woke up to poop on my kitchen floor. So having enough the following night I stuck them both in the garage. And woke up to poo in the garage, knowing perfectly well which dog provided it. Last night was warm enough for the Labrador to stay outside so I put the boxer in the garage by himself and I got both poo & pee in my garage last night. Whats the deal? Do I need to put him in his own crate at night? Which I have for him, but have only used it when traveling. I would hope he would not poo or pee where he has to sleep. Although when I try putting him in my labrador’s kennel (in the basement) he somehow manages to hike his leg and pee out the door (smart dog!). Between the baby’s poo & the dog’s poo I’m DONE cleaning up poo! I really wonder if he is acting out because of the baby but I have no idea really. His poo is always solid so its not like he has diahera (spelling?) & he always goes out just before bed & as soon as I wake up. Like I said this is just recently a problem.
The labrador is 7 years old and i have had him sense day 1. The boxer is almost 2 years old and i have also had him sense day 1. I would like to think that i am the pack leader but i also understand that probably isn’t the case. What I see is one dog (lab) is the pack leader of the backyard & one dog (boxer) is pack leader of the house. I have allowed him time to sniff the baby out now that the baby is getting bigger and can hold his head a little better as before the boxer would sniff his head so hard the baby’s head would bobble whether i am holding it or not. the boxer will also lay next to the baby on the floor and gradually inch closer and closer until his snout is in the baby’s lap.

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    8. Jodyanne says:

      Is the Lab a new addition as well? If both baby and lab are new additions it will for sure make your boxer have his nose out of joint for sure. Even if it is just the new baby and the Lab has been in the picture for sometime like a few years…then it is because he is not getting the same attention he used to because of the baby. You need to make sure you try and incorporate the same things and actions you did with him before the baby came along. I am sure he is trying to tell you he is not happy. Even if it is poo and pee (unwanted behavior) he gets the attention that way which you don’t want but to him it is better than no attention at all. Make sure you set some boxer time alone for him special. I think in a while you will find his attitude goes back to his old self. Let’s hope so. Dogs can get depressed.

    9. nikki says:

      it sound to me that hes mad that momie has a new baby so now ur gettin pay back try talkin to him and really try to make him feel special

    10. MaZZZZZZZZZZZZ says:

      Its feeling really sick you need take to vet right away

    11. Inga says:

      How recent is recently?

      Sorry but I’d have him rechecked. Sounds like you’ve missed something. Even if it is just stress from the new baby your vet can probably help you deal with it. Go just to be safe. That does not sound good.

    12. charfan9 says:

      Dogs function best when there is a normal routine to follow. They do NOT like something different brought into there lives. Your dog is acting out it’s frustration. Dont know if you boxer is the "Alpha" of the pack or not. Dogs are pack animals, and see you as a member of their pack. Newcomers are not easily accepted. Slowly introduce your new Pack" member to your dog under strict supervision. Let it sniff the new baby every now and then, while you are holding it (the baby). You dog will in time get used to it.