Why is my dog afraid of my new stairs?

Why is my dog afraid of my new stairs?


I have a 1 year old Siberian Husky named Kira who we’ve had since she was a small puppy, we’ve raised her in this same apartment since we got her. Shes had no fears of stairs what so ever, shes always gone up and down great until recently our apartment complex replaced our old stairwell with a new black one. The morning of the day they changed the stairwell i took her outside and she was just fine (it was still the old stairwell) then the workers came and replaced the old stairs with the new stairs. I took her outside again once they were finished and she absolutely FLIPPED out when she got to the bottom two steps. She was crying, yelling hollaring like she was scared to death. All 4 feet fly out from under her and she skimpers away crying. Same goes for when she goes back up the stairs, she gets to the bottom and flips out again. Recently its become even worse where she doesnt even want to leave the apt to go outside and resists even heading back in the direction of the stairs outside
On the new stairs you cant see through to the ground, theres a wall at everystep, imagine a carpet stairwell in a house, just with stone and black metal hehe the old stairs had a gap inbetween the stairs that allowed you to see the botom. She has no problem going up or down the stairs once she passed the bottom 2 steps. Shes deathly afraid of the bottom flat part by the stairs and the bottom 2 steps. Ive tried taking her down slowly and stickin with her to show her its ok step by step but she will not hang out at the bottom even for treats. Depending where we’re at she will turn around on the stairs and run back to the top to avoid the bottom few steps.
oh and the new stairwell was put in about 3 months ago

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    7 Responses to “Why is my dog afraid of my new stairs?”

    1. Tabo says:

      It’s new for her so she’s scared. Try going to the stairs and touching them. Looking happy and being excited about it. Encourage her to walk on them. Dogs follow our attitudes a lot so make sure you don’t pitty her. Don’t say "poor puppy" ect. Instead be strong and pet her and encourage her when she’s on the steps. Just act like normal for your walk then when you get to the stairs perhaps give a treat for braving them and with your attitude of strenght and that there’s nothing wrong. It’s a hard adjustment so good luck!

    2. alejandra m says:

      Hi i have a dog who is a husky too and we being having him since he was small… but he was living in a trailers… then after a year we change to a house and my dog totally was mad and did things he was not suppose to … we didnt know why… but then we realize that he was not used to the house and he was mad he was always barking, growling, and did his bathroom in the house, but i think your dog does that because she was used to the old stairs she knew how it smell and how it felt.. then suddenly to feel something that she didnt know then she didnt recognize it and it felt really different … thats what i think… but maybe im wrong…

    3. Mike K says:

      The change in color is intimidating to the dog. She needs to be more comfortable with it over time and then she’ll be fine.

    4. baserunner316 says:

      she just probably isn’t used to them. try sitting on them with her in your lap but don’t force or rush her. eventually she’ll get over it. you can also try carrying her up the stairs a few times to get her to see it’s ok, the risk with that is her getting used to you carrying her. you can also try leaving her favorite cookies, one on each step to get her over her fear.

    5. DocJ420 says:

      nice name

    6. Russell says:

      cuz it doesnt wanna fall down them 😉

    7. mhilz says:

      maybe shes not use to it or is can you see through to the ground between each step? maybe re-train her or pick her up and put her half way of the stairs and have her finish going down. maybe shes just not use to them or doesnt know that they are still stairs? just show her again that they are ok.