Why is my dog afraid of his new bowl?


I bought my Golden a new stainless steel food and water bowl yesterday. He used to have 2 plastic ones, but I’ve gotten rid of those since they attract bacteria….so I’ve read. Now he just looks at his new ones and seems to actually be a bit scared of them. Why??

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    10 Responses to “Why is my dog afraid of his new bowl?”

    1. EEK! says:

      If he’s a little skittish about noises, it could be that the first time he tried to eat or drink out of the bowl his collar tags clanged against it and scared him.

      You can try actually turning them upside-down and putting something yummy on top like peanut butter to get him to come near them, then eventually turn them over.

      Whatever you do, don’t force him near them or you could make the problem worse. Make sure he has an alternate source of water so he doesn’t force himself into dehydration.

    2. Lindsay says:

      I don’t know why he’s scared, but eventually he’ll have to eat or drink, so he probably just needs to get used to seeing the stainless reflection. Also–good for you, plastic bowls can sometimes give lesions in the mouth to dogs that are allergic to them, and you might never even know!

    3. simi says:

      Could be it’s just something new and it might be scary. Try putting your hand in the bowl and hand him something yummy from it like some chicken.
      Also might be the bowl is shiny and he sees a reflection of something moving in it.
      Could be the height of the sides of the bowl are not what he is used to.

    4. naughtyangel_hottie says:

      he either doesnt like the way it feels on his tongue or likes looking at himself. My dog wont eat or drink from a glass or ceramic bowl because she doesnt like it. If you properly wash a plastic dish you’ve got nothing to worry about, I wash my dogs food and water bowl everyday just like you do the plate you eat off of. This is a dog.. dogs lick their own butt and your worried about bowl bacteria… Switch back to plastic, your dog will thank you! OR if you are really concerned use disposable paper bowls or styrofoam, my mom does this for her cat.

    5. dogperson says:

      lol thats funny my dog is kinda weried like that to he was afraid of pumpkins, trashbags, and even a fether. he will get over it in a little while just give him time

    6. 337Sara E says:

      many reasons. New stuff in an animal space can be intimidating. He may see his own reflection, he was used to the plastic, it makes a noise when he trys to drink. Most likely he just does not like change. Believe me if he is thirsty enough he will drink.

    7. sandy_beaches says:

      perhaps it just startles it because they reflect so much light and other things. give it time and put a real good treat in the bowl to encourage it to check them out

    8. tinaro82 says:

      hahahahahah that is way funny. sorry.
      i think he is just not used to them, thats it. give your dog some time. dont feed your dog in anything else but those bowls. he will have to learn to adapt.
      it also could be the smell of stainless steel. it does have a smell to it.
      but your dog will be okay.

    9. RBD says:

      my dog has the same problem, it may be the reflection of himself in the bowl, or the dramatic change, if it doesnt work try a new bowl, porcelain, or try a rabbit bottle you can strap it to its cage, or crate.

    10. Mommy Pit says:

      My dogs did the same when I changed to a stainless steel food bowl. I think it was part a strange new thing along with being able to see themselves. For about a week they would bark at it and they would dump out the food to eat. Now they are fine with it. I recently changed one of their water bowls and they did the same thing. He will get use to it. Give him some time to adjust.