why has my dog randomly stopped walking?


i woke up to my dog on my bed. i got up and tried to couch her off my bed. hes a little over weight. but not enough that her back legs would randomly stop working. we got into the other room where shes laying on a dog pillow laying down. her back legs aren’t stiff or anything shes keeping them bent. please help me. thank you. 🙁

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    3 Responses to “why has my dog randomly stopped walking?”

    1. DEE CON JESTED says:

      Take doggie to vet. sounds serious.

    2. sisu says:

      It could be anything from a pulled muscle, spinal cord injury to a tumor.
      Your dog needs to be examined by your vet.

    3. Alison says:

      check her gums and see if they are pink. if they aren’t she could be anemic, which is generally a sign of a much more serious disease. my dog is just going through this, and i’ll tell you it’s not looking good. please take her the vet so they can tell you what is going on with your dog.