Why does my two-year old cat keep knocking over dishes/cups with water in them?


Any time there is a container (bowl, dish, cup, glass, etc.) with water on the floor, counter, or table, my cat knocks it over when I’m not looking and makes a big mess. He’s done this with other liquids too, like if I have a cup of juice sitting on the coffee table. He even knocks over his own water bowl and the dog’s water bowl! I don’t leave drinks sitting out anymore because of it, but he still does it to the water bowls. Why? Please help!

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    6 Responses to “Why does my two-year old cat keep knocking over dishes/cups with water in them?”

    1. Camperdown T says:

      My cat does this too. I just reckon it’s playful curiosity. I keep my water in water bottles with the lid on, not glasses, have a plastic tray under her water bowl and keep her entertained and distracted by leaving a little bit of water in the bath tub for her to obsess over.

    2. mrs.mom says:

      LOL I would try and mess with my cat…. LOL I would go and get a cup that is used in cars. "Has the suction thing on the bottom.." Watch as he tries to knock it over… LOL
      Ok I don’t think that there is much you can do. You can try to change what hes doing but trust me. When your not looking or not around he will find away to do it again. Just try and keep an eye on where your sitting your cups… LOL isn’t if funny how much life changes when we have kids and animals in our every day lives. I will not put my feet in the corner of my bed. My cat sleeps there. He will bite my toes if I try. But its not a big deal I just let him. He gives me much more in my life. I figure why not let him win a few.

    3. theworldneedsmorelove says:

      has there been a change recently? (have you moved, new baby, change in jobs, planning a big vacation, etc.)
      when owners get distracted, pets usually try whatever it takes to get the attention they used to have

    4. ChrissyLicious says:

      is it a male cat? yeah mine has this bad habit of trying to put his head in any kind of cup or dish to see what it is and your cat may be knocking things over on accident, or its just a brat like mine and thinks knocking something over and watching you pick it up is a game. Show the cat what he did wrong the instant he does it and tell him no, bad kitty, whatever you think might works so your cat knows he is in trouble for what he did and HOPEFULLY he will stop and realize you are not amused by his trick.

    5. reydi says:

      Kitty is playing. I had a cat that did this all the time!!! It was awful, your cat needs to know this is not okay to do . . . Give him a firm NO and if that doesnt work give a quick squirt with a spray bottle. Cats are smart and will get the point quickly. Good luck – I hope you can correct the cats behavior!

    6. vanessa}i{ says:

      My cat does this when he is trying to decipher how high the water is in the cup…can he reach it with his paw easily? well, then he can drink out of it. They have a sight problem with depth perception, I think. He also loves to spill the glass on my nightstand as a morning alarm to say, I’m up and I’m hungry! Cats instinctively want fresh running water, maybe try giving your cat a trickle from the bathtub or sink and he/she will stop the spilling spree.