why does my kitty do this? 5/6 months?


my kitten often scratches the mat around her food bowl when she walks away from her food. It drives me crazy b/c she knocks over her water and food bowl. why does she do that?
and also why does her but go up when i pet her? shes fixed so i dont think she in heat.
i live with my boyfriend and i am the one that feeds her n changes litter and she always follows me if i leave a room. does she think im her mother?

also i feed her wellness is that good? i mix the can with dry.
if i just give her can her poop is very soft not so much loose, and she wont eat dry food any suggestions?

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    3 Responses to “why does my kitty do this? 5/6 months?”

    1. eleniki says:

      The scratching around her food bowl is a compliment! It is an instinctive behavior from when cats hunted and then buried their food to hide and preserve it so they could find it again. You could get one of those double food/water feeders with the rubber seal around the bottom, then it won’t knock over.
      Her butt going up is another compliment! She loves your petting and this is how she shows it!
      You don’t say how old she was when you got her, but yes, she does see you as her mother, and that’s also a nice thing!
      It’s good that she won’t eat dry food, as it is just about the worst thing you can feed her, as this will explain: http://www.blakkatz.com/dryfood.html
      The best wet food for cats is one with a very high meat content; most canned food is high in carbs/grain, which would also cause soft poop, and be ultimately very bad for her. The soft poop could also possibly be related to parasites/worms, so it would be a good idea to worm her.

    2. Amanda B2B 6/6/10 says:

      Wellness is an excellent food for her. Keep her on that. She’ll always be happy and healthy.

      She’s trying to "hide" her food when you see her scratching around it. My cat’s do this too. I have 4 cats so they try to hide their food from each other so they can go back and finish it off later.

      Cats are very sensitive on their backs by their tails, most cat’s butt’s will go up in the air if you pet them there! haha..

    3. SEXY KITTEN says:

      You are her primary caretaker so she has lots of love for you, thats why she always follows you.
      The petting part is just what all cats do. It’s normal.
      My cat won’t eat dry food either. Just keep mixing the food like you are doing.
      After they poop, they always cover it up, so many cats do this after they eat. The older she gets, the less she will do this. For now, just try to put her water bowl a little farther away. She will quit doing this in a matter of time. Good luck. Sounds like you are a great kitty Mom