Why does my dog take her bed out of her crate?

Why does my dog take her bed out of her crate?


It is quite humoring to watch her drag it out of her crate, I was just wondering why she insists on doing this? She bites it a lot, and insists after she’s out of her crate that the bed comes out too!

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    4 Responses to “Why does my dog take her bed out of her crate?”

    1. yep, you know it! says:

      I dunno but my dog does it also. It’s not the bed she is attached too though. Anything I put in there for her to lay on she takes out when she leaves the crate. She doesn’t lay on it outside the crate either. I’m thinking maybe she doesn’t want "anyone" else in her crate without her? My dog will sometimes go back and lay in the crate without the blanket or bed so I think maybe my dog takes it out when she’s hot or something.

    2. sara_witcraft2000 says:

      Her bed could be a security thing. Kinda like a kid with a favorite toy that they can’t leave the house without…

    3. 9893 says:

      it might not be Comfortable for her?

    4. AirForce Wife [[<3]] says:

      hahaha she is attached to the bed. Its funny because my dog has a little bed with a little circular mattress thing and she will take that out and lay on just the mattress part and not the part that actually holds her bed. I laugh so hard when i see her doing it. She is quite the character. just embrace the fact that you have such a hilarious dog 😀