why does my dog suddenly start growling when I try to move him off the couch at bedtime?

why does my dog suddenly start growling when I try to move him off the couch at bedtime?


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    10 Responses to “why does my dog suddenly start growling when I try to move him off the couch at bedtime?”

    1. Kristin B says:

      Just like humans, dogs can get frustrated when woken up. Don’t you find yourself pissed off when someone suddenly pushes you off a couch when your sleeping???
      Perhaps your dog has hit the final straw with you pushing him off.

    2. happy2luvk9s says:

      There could be several reasons why he has started growling when you go to move him off the couch:
      1) depending on his age, he may be suffering from a mild on set of arthritis and he knows it is going to hurt so he is telling you about it.
      2) he may just not want to be disturbed because he is very comfortable and is now spoiled (but this is unlikely as this is a recent behavior)
      3) if he has a dog bed and has suddenly stopped wanting to be in it, there could be something wrong where it’s uncomfortable for him or it is too small
      If you think that the reason is the first one that I said, take him to the vet and get him checked out. If he is in good health otherwise, your vet may be able to put him on pain pills to help manage his pain and make him into the sweetheart that he normally is.

    3. greekman says:

      Oh my God. Is this another one of those trick questions? And is the person who talked about her dogs and her couch and her bed for real? LISTEN TO TYKE so I do not have to repeat myself again, he wrote it exactly the way it should be done. Or, there is another sir/madam here who will also be able to help you. I believe he goes under the name of misbehaving, or something similar. He/she "knows" allot. Of what exactly I am not sure.

    4. baby love me!!! says:

      that must b his new teretore he is tellin u 2 bak off

    5. sharmel says:

      LOL having had dogs for more than 30 years, I speak fluent "dog" now. I also just consulted "King Rufus" here and he agrees that your guy is just saying "That is NOT cool. I was here first, and under dog law that means I should get to stay here till I choose to leave. Besides, I’ve made this spot nice and warm. It’s mine."
      Not long ago we bought a thousand dollar huge leather recliner, which husband and I hardly ever get to sit in because when one of our four dogs gets off it, another one jumps up there. Husband likes to eat supper sitting in front of the T.V. so we have a deal with the dogs that they’ll let him have the recliner for about thirty minutes at supper time.
      Rufus has a favorite spot on the middle of the bed, and he sneaks in there and stakes out his sleeping place ahead of us. When we go to bed, if he’s spread out crosswise, he snarles up a storm as we swivel him around so we can get on board. We know it’s all fake, and he knows that we know it is. But he just needs to make his point. Once we get him positioned longways in the middle of the bed, the two of us can climb up either side of him.
      Fortunately it is also "dog law" that their human is top dog, and ultimately has to be obeyed. So just let him make his point that while he has to honor the "alpha dog law" he still thinks its a crock, and he’s moving under protest.LOL

    6. philbertpheinstein says:

      A dog sleeping on your couch? Between the dog hair, the dog sweat, the fleas, the drippings, guests must just love to set on that couch. In comparison, the growling seems almost pleasant.

    7. simon says:

      He has claimed the couch as his territory. Have you ever watch the Dog whisperer? He can give you lots of helpful tips. First of all you must reclaim the couch as yours. You must show your dog that you are the pack leader. This may take as little as a day or two or it mat take a week or two. When dogs show dominance they don’t talk to each other as we do, they bite and growl. Your voice will come in handy later but for now if your dog gets on the couch use a grunting noise and force him off the couch. If he continues, force him into a submissive role which is on his side or belly. If he shows any signs of repeating his misbehavior you must respond immediately. Don’t be afraid to hit him on the butt. Again, this is what a dog does to show dominance. You will be showing your dog that YOU are the pack leader and he must be submissive to you at all times.

    8. mustanglynnie says:

      Because you have not established yourself as his leader – this is a very bad precursor of more (possibly dangerous if he escalates to biting) behavior problems to come IF you do not enroll in an obedience class NOW. Call your vet for a obedience school reccomendation. Good luck!

    9. Cindy says:

      It may be tired and does not want to be moved about, too tired to move. and as you are its owner it may just growl at u but if u insist on moving it, it may just bite you

    10. lyricsopranosinger says:

      Because he does not respect you. You have not established yourself as the pack leader in your home.