Why does my dog sleep under tables?


Our dog likes to sleep under tables. Or even behind the couch. Since we shoo him off our beds is that why he prefers under tables? We even got him a doggy bed but he doesnt like it. Help?

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    7 Responses to “Why does my dog sleep under tables?”

    1. pia says:

      Because that is where he feels most comfortable and secure. It could be because underneath tables and couches are private, dark and cool.

    2. Stacey says:

      Dogs like to sleep in confined places. It is reminiscent of a den. My dogs sleep under my coffee table and they also squeeze under my bed to sleep.

    3. Oscy says:

      Animals do this in the wild to they hide under caves and other places to feel safe so your dog is doing this to feel safe and secure while he takes a nap

    4. Genevieve says:

      Put his bed under the table and see if he starts to sleep in it. Then after a while you can move it to where you want him to sleep.

    5. Mia says:

      Maybe hes really hot,
      If you live in a place like California he could be hot,
      Or Maybe he prefers a Shelter.

    6. Karli says:

      He sleeps under tables because he knows there is food around. I doubt he is sleeping. He is probably just waiting for the chance to get a bite of food!

    7. I Love Richard KHC says:

      Dogs are den animals, so most likely it is similar to what a den would be like in the wild. They are domesticated yes but they still have behaviors that a wild dog would have. My dog likes to sleep under our side tables too.

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