Why does my dog sit near my washing machine and not in her bed?


My dog is a 14-year old jackrussell terrier. She has a rather large and comfy bed, with a radiator behind it, but she always sits down on discarded towels near my washing machine or on a mat near my back-door inside my house. Why doesn’t she lie in her bed?

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    7 Responses to “Why does my dog sit near my washing machine and not in her bed?”

    1. smashing ash says:

      I bet she likes the heat.

    2. Eric B says:

      You need to make the bed hers. Keep it near the washing machine for a while, or put one of the dirty towels on the bed to make it smell like the family . . .she does not like the ‘new bed smell’.

    3. Coffee is Liquid Heaven says:

      the bed may be too big for her. Dogs will find the smallest thing to lay on.

      for example: my dog lays on clothing that is dumped on the floor instead of his bed which is right next to him.

      It is just something your dog prefers, could be that it is an area of the house where you go most of the time also

    4. btdt says:

      Dogs like to guard entrances, like your back door. She may not like her bed because it is too hot, or it is too hard to get up out of (arthritis). I’m guessing the washing machine sits on a cool concrete floor.

    5. CC says:

      Maybe because it gives off warm air and it may be cold at night

    6. Erin ♥ says:

      Hmm… maybe she likes the vibration. Move her bed near the washing machine.

    7. spartaworld.combat says:

      The dog is old and has set ways. It is also possible that the towel/washing machine and rug at door has you smell on it and the dog feels comfortable there. It isn’t a matter of heat or vibration but familiarity of bedding that is acceptable.

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