Why does my dog scratch the carpet or the couch before he lays down?


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    6 Responses to “Why does my dog scratch the carpet or the couch before he lays down?”

    1. ralph f says:

      he may be marking his territory. Dogs have scent glands between their toes,which give off pheremones.

    2. Juliegski says:

      kinda like fluffing your pillow..they do this to get comfortable! My little dog does this all the time! Even on solid surfaces! I know its crazy! It is just their way of nesting! They want their spot to be perfect!

    3. Nicole says:

      I have heard that this behaviour comes from a dog’s wild ancestors, such as wolves. In the wild, the ground is covered with rocks and other things that would be uncomfortable to sleep on, so wild dogs would push those things out of their way with their paws. Scratching the carpet is just something that comes natural to dogs.

    4. amber says:

      For the same reason you shift your blankets and pillows around before you go to sleep.

    5. My2008J.P says:

      Nesting~~ Our doxie does it with her blankets. Scratches and moves it around and when she’s happy with the way it is, she lays down and goes to sleep. Our blue heeler/collie does it and plops down.

    6. Kathi says:

      It’s instinct Turning around and scratching to get the surface just right before he lays down. He just wants to be comfortable.
      My dog like to bunch up throw rugs or dog beds into comfy pillows.

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