Why does my dog rip grass out of the ground and throw it in the air.?


And Why does said dog flip his water bowl over on purpose? Is dog crazy?
What can I do or should I do anything, to change his behavior? (I don’t spank him, he likes it too much)
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    11 Responses to “Why does my dog rip grass out of the ground and throw it in the air.?”

    1. steph says:

      no its not crazy its bored and its trying to amuze itself buy it some toys

    2. zartsmom says:

      Mine does that too. Drives me nuts – my backyard looks like a mine field. Usually it is only places where rabbits have been hanging out, so maybe he’s trying to let the rabbits know they are not welcome. He also flips his water bowl. If it wasn’t for his kiddie pool, he’d have nothing to drink most of the time.

      I am convinced that my dog is nuts. He’s a very intelligent dog, but he does some nutsy things. He attacks the sprinkler – literally – picks it up and shakes it – water gets everywhere (except the part of the lawn that needs it). Growling, barking, acting like it is a bad guy who came into the house.

      I think they’re just entertaining themselves. It’s funny to watch him doing it, even though I wish he wouldn’t.

    3. Joe Cooool says:

      your dog is ridiculously bored. hes doing things that will get your attention. Give him a squeaker toy or a toy to play with. The flipping of the water bowl…thats to make you come over to him/her. and the grass thing is that he/she is trying to act like its a toy. I suggest buying your dog a few tennis balls and a squeaker toy or two. Good luck

    4. cathi says:

      he is just bein a sweet lovable playful dog. no matter what toys you give him, he will still do it because he is havin a blast. where is the harm??? maybe you outta join in the fun? get a little wading pool and a ball, he will love to try to get the ball out of the pool. that way, you can also play with him and when hes done with the dirt he can wash up in the pool.

    5. aly says:

      he wants to play but there probably no toys there so he uses the grass. he needs toys!

    6. Miss Texas says:

      He’s just playing in the dirt !

      Try getting him a ball of somekind. My daughter’s lab likes to catch June Bugs and just for the thrill of jumping.

    7. aj says:

      Your dog is extremely bored. He needs your attention and toys.

    8. Lilypie99 says:

      he’s bored

    9. tendoghouse says:

      He thinks it’s funny!!

    10. angelica j jelly says:

      because he being bad

    11. Mandee F says:

      Ehm- the grass thing- if he’s just pawing at the ground that’s a territorial thing. Most males do that. It doesn’t sound like ur dog is trained very well- work on that water bowl thing. Don’t just throw you’re hands up and be like "crazy dog…" If you think its cute or something then don’t complain.