Why does my dog poop on the bed?


I have a 2 year old dog who is housebroken. Well he was until recently …. now he has started pooping on the bed. How should I react to this? Should I act like I am angry with him or just ignore it?
He was fixed at a very young age, he doesn’t even lift his leg. Nothing new happening.

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    6 Responses to “Why does my dog poop on the bed?”

    1. CoffeeCupDobie says:

      it is a dominance thing. Is the male fixed. Is there someone or thing new in the house.
      He is acting out for a reason. But I would say it is a dominance issue. That you need to nip in the bud. I would get him some training and start taking him for longer walks.

    2. luvsdard says:

      Oh God I hate questions like this. Mine is only 7 mos old and up til last week he was the perfect dog and now he’s starting to chew and poop when we go out. So these questions scare me cause I picture my little buddy doing stuff like this when he’s 2 yrs old. I guess I’d start with the vet to see if it’s a physcial problem then talk to the vet as to how to handle it. Good luck.

    3. Maria L says:

      never ignore bad behaviour .maybe he had an accident the first time and the scent is still there,close your bedroom door,but you did have to tell him NO! keep an eye on him,

    4. me!!! says:

      its prob because he has no respect for you and know your not dominate over him this is his way of telling you to F off

    5. Princess Kat says:

      No correct him maybe he’s sick or upset take him into the Vet for a check up!

    6. SapphireMoon says:

      Stop putting him in your bed! Crate him at night if you have to. He is using dominance tactics to make your bed his own bed, its not acceptable. Like Cesar Milan says, show leadership.