why does my dog lick the floor?


my dog is always licking the floor or the floor in his kennel, why? its very irritating, just a constant licking noise, i’m sure it’s just me its like fingernails on a chalk board.

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    5 Responses to “why does my dog lick the floor?”

    1. Lizzy P says:

      If he’s locked in the kennel a lot he could be developing a compulsive habit. Socialization and exercise will help. If he’s licking metal he could have a mineral deficiency.

    2. Cristina R says:

      dogs lick after food has been in the spot.
      try not to leave food around the floor.
      leave his bowl of food or water in an easy reach for it.

    3. sammy says:

      It could be because the floor smells like food, or it can be because he has an upset stomach. Also it can be a nervous habit.

    4. Nicole Carpenter says:

      He/she might think the floor tastes good. Or maybe you should let him out for a while to stretch his/her legs.

    5. brittany.boriqua081 says:

      Lol I absolutely love my MIND when my dog starts all that licking. I guess you can say he could be (1) cleaning up his area (2) or he just smelled something that made him start licking the floor. That’s the only thing I can think of.

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