Why does my dog howl when the door bell rings?


He also does it when someone knocks at the back door? Is he alerting for a stranger….and does anyone know a way i can train him to not do it?

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6 Responses to “Why does my dog howl when the door bell rings?”

  1. Rotten Rotts says:

    He is announcing company. I have mine sit away from the door and if they bark I say a firm (Hush and no one needs your opinion)

  2. Erika says:

    Does he howl or bark? If he’s howling, it may be that the sound hurts his ears. Our older lab howls at fire truck sirens.

  3. Kmitko says:

    He’s either alerting you that some one’s there or telling that person at the door to go away because he thinks their a threat.

    And you could whenever he does howl, tap him on the nose slightly. And keep doing it until he stops. Worked for my dog (:

  4. George says:

    he is letting you know that someone is about to intrude its a sign of showing he is protecting you from danger, um maybe my dogs do it also but i let them because if i can hear the bell they let me know there is someone

  5. DeeDawg says:

    he’s letting you know someone is at the door.

    it’s harder to teach a dog to just STOP than it is to teach him to do something ELSE.

    i found that training them to go to their crate or bed for a cookie is really easy to train, and it makes them associate visitors with cookies!

  6. alexis88883 says:

    The bark because it startle them. Yes you can train the dog not to do it but you have to have a friend ring the bell while you tell your dog to not bark. You dont want your dog to allert you?

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