Why does my dog hide in closets and under beds?


My shih tzu started hiding under beds, sitting in isolated corners and especially in closets. She just randomly started doing it one day when I woke up and saw her in a corner, just sitting there. Then I saw her go into closets like 4 times and go under my bed once. Why does she do that? Sometimes she’ll urgently get off the couch and almost run to a closet and hide there, even though she was just sitting there peacfully a minute ago. HELP!

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    3 Responses to “Why does my dog hide in closets and under beds?”

    1. Shelly says:

      She’s curious. Or she is warm and goes under the bed and closet. You know how cool it is in there XD My dog did the same thing.

    2. Tre says:

      Is your dog gay?

    3. J M says:

      How old is she?

      It could be a couple things. Something is scaring her. Dogs like to have a "den" because they will feel safe there.

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