Why does my dog drink so much water?


My dog is ALWAYS looking for water, and when i feed my dogs, the one always looking for water goes straight to the water, drinks the whole bowl[leaving none for my other dog] and than goes to her food.
we give her plenty of water everyday, but its such a pain because she has to go out at least once every hour.
she has recently had a kidney infection, btw. but the vet gave medication for it.
* I MEAN urinary tract infection, not kidney

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    11 Responses to “Why does my dog drink so much water?”

    1. Domi says:

      This has happen in the past to my dog. I thought for a while se just was always thirsty but then i took her to the vet and found out she hadseriouss kidneyblockagee. She had kidney stones. I would try to get to the vet A.S.A.P because this could be serious.

      Best of Luck,

    2. Shelly says:

      Or Chrone’s. Vet has to do some testing now. You’ll have to take her and pay for this and the medicine or whatever else she needs. It is not normal.

    3. Jane Marple says:

      Do you live in a cold area and you started heating your house lately? air is too dry in your home? she’s always been like that or it’s a new thing?

    4. Rachel-PitPolice-Spay the Humans says:

      Could be diabetes. Excessive consumption of water is one of the first seen symptoms. I’d consult your vet just to be safe.

    5. Chad L says:

      If your dog is healthy, stop giving him the water.

      He doesn’t need it that often.

    6. Crysania says:

      This worries me. Take your dog to the vet and have them check for diabetes. Always being thirsty is one of the first signs of diabetic problems.

    7. MeanJean says:

      It’s possible she has a kidney infection so you should consider going to the vet to get a urinalysis done.

      Another possiblity is if she is eating human food which contains salt, that would make her thirsty.

    8. julie d says:

      Have you had the dog checked for Diabetes?

    9. Fab Ab says:

      could be diabetic, prob best you get her to the vets for a checkup

    10. metrostation lover says:

      Well try to take her too the vet!

    11. Laya CMDW BELIEVER says:

      This is not an issue to ignore. There can be a world of problems with this symptom and one of them is Diabetes Insipidus. And if it is DI, withholding water can kill your dog.
      I know. I have one with it. It is not a fatal disease and can be controlled with medication. Again, DO NOT withhold water!