Why does my dog drink so much water?

Why does my dog drink so much water?


My dog is a german shepherd b itch (14 years old) she is in good health and is active. Just recently she has started to drink more water than usual. She gets through about 3 full bowls of water a day thats about 3-4 litres.
It can’t be the heat-it’s winter.
Do you know why this is?

* I can’t believe yahoo answers censored ‘b itch’.
wendy-thanks for the answer but ‘bitch’ isn’t a swear word. It has always refered to a female dog.

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10 Responses to “Why does my dog drink so much water?”

  1. la.qsba says:

    Dear i suggest due to your bitches age and this thirst she may well be on her way to becoming diabetic!

  2. Dee says:

    I think that you need take her to the vet. It could be diabetes or some urinary/kidney thing. That is alot of water. If it is diabetes she needs attention. Medication and an adjusted diet.

  3. wendy.bryan@sbcglobal.net says:

    extreme thirst can be indicative of diabetes. and to confirm that another said — winter air is drier and she may just need more water.

    yahoo answers is a program, not a human being. it doesn’t know how to distinguish between the two uses of b****

  4. yipyipyip says:

    Get her to the vet ASAP. Could be kidney related.

    Yahoo is a piece of work. You should see what they let people get away with in some of their other forums.

  5. Bubblezz says:

    In winter, the air is dryer and it is hard on your lungs to run so that is probably the reason.

  6. jen : ) says:

    dryness…= thirstiness

  7. Floopy says:

    Dogs tend to drink more as they get older, very normal. My old dog never used to drink that much when she was younger but towards the end she was always at the water bowl.

  8. animalsrme says:

    I would strongly recommend that your dog see her veterinarian, as increased water consumption can certainly be a sign that she may have something going on. Good Luck.

  9. eliza25259 says:

    cuzz your dog is thersty

  10. Judge and Jury says:

    My dogs are drinking a lot more because the winter air is a lot drier. Could be an issue with her kidneys though. Just call your vet and they’ll tell you if she has to go in for a checkup. They’ll want to know if there are any other symptoms.