Why does my dog always sit by the door and whimper?


my mom tolled me one of our dogs always sits by the door
and whimpers when im at shcool and when im home
he follows me around the house why is this?

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    4 Responses to “Why does my dog always sit by the door and whimper?”

    1. India says:

      Because he wants to go out……………….for a pee

    2. sicklervillerowan says:

      Because he loves you. And probably misses when your away. Sometimes a dog will become more attached to one person than others.

    3. Jen says:

      Ah, cuz you’re his Alpha. He wants to go with you, follow you, protect you, play, go on walks, etc.

    4. Vanity says:

      you should play with your dog, he misses you while your at school, and when your there, he begs for your attention and love. That is part of getting a pet you know. I had the same problem, just play with your lonely pet when your home, and take him for walks and stuff. All he wants is a little loving.