why does my cat always softly bite me when i dont pet her?


when i am in bed she comes in my room and purrs, meows, and rubs up against me and then i start petting her then i stop because i feel like it then she bites me softly and i dont know why also she bites and hangs on sometimes too. do you think you know why?

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    10 Responses to “why does my cat always softly bite me when i dont pet her?”

    1. Cleo says:

      Sounds like she’s trying to get your attention. I have a cat that will stick out her front paw and give me a little scratch on my leg when I walk by. She just wants me to play with her.

    2. BeKkA says:

      wants your attention

    3. angelbabyy456@ymail.com says:

      It just means she is teething and needs something to chew on. Obviously she chose your arm. I would get her a little chew toy so she knows better than to bite your arm.

    4. Dian says:

      she just wants to be loved and you need to give her some love! you can all so let her have not a cat bed but a bed like humens! she will feel like a princess and stop biting you.

    5. cat lover says:

      Biting is part of kitten play, but when they do it to another kitten, they get instant feedback. You really need to discourage her from biting you, because right now it is soft, but as she grows, it can get painful. If she bites, just say NO!, and gently push her away from your hand. She will get the message.

    6. marieglowaski says:

      ihave acat that dose this and all that means is Feed and Play in that order.

    7. 2cool4u says:

      to get your attention

    8. sandra says:

      shes like my dog she wants you to pet her its not a bad thing just tech her ur done peting her when u want

    9. northern girl says:

      Your kitty sounds so cute! My cat does the same thing when I ignore him. He gently bites me when I am working on my computer and not paying attention to him. Sometimes he really starts meowing and knocking stuff off my desk to get my attention and if that doesn’t work, he bites my foot or the back of my leg! It’s just a way for your cat to tell you that she wants you to continue to pet her and love her and not stop the affection!
      Good luck!

    10. Sweet & Stormy says:

      she is telling you……"I WANT ATTENTION"….Plain and simple.