Why didn't my dog get pregnant wen she mate?


My female poodle mate after her 2nd heat, but it looks like she is not pregnant cause she is not showing any belly and my male poodle wants to mate with her again. But after she finish with her days of matting she wasn’t eating and was drinking little water like for a week. But now she is eating good already. They got stock 7 times and i don’t see any belly and in my calculations she is 50 days old already. Can it be possible that she didn’t get pregnant? Please don’t answer me with the spayed thing cause i do not want to do that. If someone knows why did this happen please let me know, THANKS!

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10 Responses to “Why didn't my dog get pregnant wen she mate?”

  1. Eric Hill says:

    I’m not the type to accuse someone of being a BYB just because you want to breed your dog but you’re clearly a moron so therefore you shouldn’t breed your dog.

  2. E. H. Amos says:

    I guess English is not your first language, since you’ve mangled it so badly, that you are difficult to understand. Why not ask your vet, he’s more likely to have a clue than us, unless you want us to rub a crystal ball….for a magic answer.

  3. Dogzzz says:

    Not all breeding results in pregnancy. As for why, a veterinarian who specializes in reproduction might be able to examine both dogs and find the problem, or maybe not.

    If she is was bred 50 days ago, she should not be in season now… she would not be due to come back into season for another four months or so. If she is in season now, it is possible she had a split heat… came into season but quit in the middle of that cycle and has re-started. If she is interested in your male, this is likely.

    The odor which is created when a female has a urinary tract infection is very similar to the odor they have while they are in season. If she is not in season, your male may be attracted because she is ill and needs to see a vet. If she is not interested in him, this is likely.

    It is possible for a female to be pregnant with one or a couple of puppies, and not show. A friend of mine who is a long-time, very reputable and experienced breeder of Akitas was completely shocked to have her girl deliver a puppy next to her on the couch… she had been absolutely certain that the breeding had not taken and the girl was not pregnant.

  4. Hier Kommt Die Sonne says:

    You can’t even spell correctly and you’re going to breed your dog. I’m SURE they’ve had all of their health tests done, because you seem SO responsible.

    Please do dogs everywhere a favor, spay yours, and don’t get another one ever again.

  5. puppylove says:

    I wouldn’t eat or drink either after days of matting. That’s hard to comb out.

    We don’t know. How long is a piece of string?

  6. Claire says:

    You are an idiot BYB.

    I hope she isn’t pregnant, and doesn’t get pregnant. Obviously, you only want your dog to get pregnant for money. Typical BYB scum.

  7. sagar says:

    Hi this is the answer from Bolo_sriram Yahoo settings.

  8. K-Dawg says:

    Congratulations on joining the ranks of the many irresponsible BYBs in the world.

    Yes it’s possible she didn’t get pregnant. Possibly because she knows she should be spayed and not bred!

  9. Secret Girl says:

    phantom pregnancy?

  10. monkeymomma46 says:

    The Male had Low Sperm count and it didn’t take. sometimes they can get stuck but it doesn’t take if there is something wrong with the male or female like low sperm count or maybe she can’t get pregnant. There is test you can have done for her which i think would be blood work but its probably expensive or if you want to check the male . but something is wrong with one of them maybe. When I breed one of my dogs at one time, they never even got stuck and she end up pregnant. I was always told that they have to get stuck for it to take but i found out that’s not so after my dog did. she end up having 4 puppies and I was shocked she had any. we watched them the whole time in the fence and had chairs to sit in and watch them to see if they got stuck and my female would constantly just sit down and she didn’t want anything to do with the male ! but we end up with puppy’s that’s was so weird. but i have heard if they mated and you saw it and she isn’t pregnant then you would have to have them tested.