Why did my dog pee on the bed?

Why did my dog pee on the bed?


My dog is a Shiba Inu male 11 months old. He hasn’t had an accident in the house since August, but tonight he peed on my bed. There is usually a gate that blocks off the bedrooms, but tonight we took the gate down. I walked in my room and he peed all over the bed. Any reasons why? Also, I’m scared he’s going to start peeing in the house again.

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2 Responses to “Why did my dog pee on the bed?”

  1. rabbittory says:

    he is marking he’s territory in the house

  2. sunshine says:

    If he is a male that has not been neutered, he could be marking his territory. If not, he may have a bladder infection. Or it could be behavioral if he is mad at you for some reason. Have you been leaving him home alone more recently or paying less attention to him?