Why a dog (Shar Pei) would have hair loss on paws and/or face?

Why a dog (Shar Pei) would have hair loss on paws and/or face?


My dog (puppy) is eight months old. He has lost the hair in between his paws and now seems to be losing the hair on top of them also. He also seems to have lost some hair on his muzzle or face. At first we thought that was from him putting his nose to the ground when he sniffs. I looked it up online and am going to try out a new/better/different food in case of a food allergy. Does anyone know of any other possibilities?

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6 Responses to “Why a dog (Shar Pei) would have hair loss on paws and/or face?”

  1. мєясєdєѕ ☺ says:

    Take it from a fellow pei owner (my baby is in the picture)…this is one of the best dogs you will have in your life! Okay, now for the answers…

    Your dog could have an allergy. Look between his toes, on his bum, is it red? Try asking your vet to prescribe a little something for him. Allergy season is the worst. If he does have allergies, bathe him with cool water and epson salts, with no conditioner and some oatmeal based shampoo.

    Fleas are horrible all year around. You can get your dog some flea repelent, and put some garlic in your doggie’s food. It’s a natural flea repelent. You won’t believe it, but peis commonly have allergies to fleas, including mine!!

    Mange might also be what’s happening here…mange is a skin condition and highly contagious to other dogs, not a good thing for your dog to have. Try to keep him away from other dogs until you can ask a vet what’s up.

    Pei’s have some weird skin. Hair falls out very easily. My girl can rub hers off! It might just be some balding, and it could grow back, maybe not.

    Good luck, give your baby kisses from me!

  2. miaugh says:

    Could be allergies, fungal/yeast infection, even demodex. Shar Peis can be plagued by skin problems. See your vet for advice, good luck.

  3. `moi` says:

    Mange, mites, fleas, allergies. Have a vet take a look before treating it! He could just be rubbing or scratching it off.

  4. g-GoRa says:

    It could be allergy…
    THough, it could also be some skin problem, maybe some fungus it’s got therE?
    THe best you can do is go to a vet… A vet would def. tell you what’s going on.

  5. Stacey S. says:

    or maybe its another allergy, something he stepped on that contracted to his facewhen he scratches.
    seeking a vet would be your best option.

  6. Babykins Baby says:

    Yes. I have been a Pei owner for 13 years………. If the hair loss is confined to only those two areas for now (muzzle and paws) I would strongly suggest you look into where he is stepping! It could be a mulch in the yard, a fertilizer used, an insecticide sprayed…. or even in the house, a carpet powder, floor cleaner, bug spray, etc. It seems that the hair loss is beginning on the 2 places that most frequently touch the ground (sniff, walk, sniff, walk, and so on……) Try an oatmeal bath until the symptoms clear up. If there is any itchy red exposed skin, you can dab hydrocortisone cream on it, providing you can keep an eye on him so he doesn’t lick or ingest it.

    I feed my angel Blue Buffalo after a string of ear infections (literally one every week). She has since grown a coat that would make an Afghan hound jealous! and best of all no skin/ear problems. You can pick it up at Petsmart for around $40 per 30-40lb bag.