who's responsible for a dog biting another dog at a kennel.?


I left my 1 1/2yr .old collie at a kennel free doggie care. She was fine for 2 days got along with all the other dogs. A lady brought in her shepard for a 12hr. stay. I was told by the owner of the doggie care that when the shepard first came in she and my dog didn’t like one another. I had told the doggie day care owner before I had gone out of state that if she had any problems with my dog she could call a friend of mine and they would come and get her. She told me if a dog doesn’t get along with another dog she will separate them, so I was ok with that. I recieved a call from the owner after I had called her a few times to see how my dog was and she said she was fine. My friend had called her around 4:30 to see how she was doing she was fine. About an hour later she called my friend and said that my collie had attacked the shepard and torn it;s ear. the owner called me and told me what had happened and could I have some one come get her.I said yes.So my friend went to get her.When they got there to get my dog there were 9 dogs running around the owners home loose. They picked up my collie and took her to their house. When I got home the dog care owner took me that the shepard was a sickly dog,she was walking down the ladies hallway and my dog attacked the shepard for no reason. Now the owners of the dog is suing me for vet costs,travel expenses to and from vet & emotional distress. I believe the owner of the kennel should be responsible #1 she should have separated the dogs #2 she should had called the # I left for her if something happened. Please let me know your answers on this matter. Kathy

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    1. Nekkid Truth! says:

      the kennel owner is responsible for the injuries.

      The dogs were left in HER care.

      She assured you she would separate them if they did not get along- obviously attempts were not properly made to keep the dogs separated.

      Kennel-free boarding FAILS IMO.. you cant expect a bunch of strange dogs to be loose together and not have a fight at some point.

    2. Horse Lover says:

      Even if the agreement states that the kennel is not responsible you can sue them if you can prove negligence on their part. Knowing that the 2 dogs did not get along yet not separating them would be considered negligence on the kennel owners part. Now if your dog was just passing another dog and attacked it is 100% your responsibility. A dog owner is responsible for socializing and training their dog. In a court of law the judge may find you and the kennel owner are both at fault and may order you both to split the cost.

    3. Summer says:

      I know a lot of people disagree, but I personally think that allowing dogs to "socialize" with other dogs that they have never met before is asking for trouble. I wont board dogs at places which don’t keep the dogs separate.

      Most likely you signed some type of agreement before boarding? Did it specify what would happen in this situation? I don’t think you can do anything at the moment if the owner is suing you. Most likely you will have to defend your position and the dog owner will then have to pursue the owner of the boarding facility if you win your case.

    4. ms manners says:

      The person supervising is responsible….in this case, the kennel owner.
      She allowed the shepherd to come into the same area as your dog, even though she knew they didn’t get along.

      You might have to pay the bill and then sue the kennel owner to get your money back.

      I can see the other owner asking for the vet bills to be paid, but travel expenses and emotional distress is bunk. What travel expenses? I had a dog attacked, and a badly torn ear. I drove her to the emergency vet, picked her up and took her home, and then drove her to my regular vet to have the stitches removed. That’s probably about $6 in gas.

    5. Bonnie L says:

      All of that legal info would be in the legal contract that you signed at the kennel. It’s obvious that your dog has issues, so I would offer to pay all vet bills, rather than be taken to court. Perhaps you should consult with an attorney.

    6. Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS says:

      Like someone else said it depends on the contract you signed. But if you told the owner that your dog has a problem with dogs then she should have been separated or called you to pick up the dog. She should be responsible for the vet care. Kennel free is not a good thing for all dogs

    7. Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts! says:

      Having a bunch of strange dogs running free range around a house just asks for something to go wrong.

      Your dog was fine with the other dogs for 2 days before this other dog came in… who do you think caused the problem? She said she would separate dogs that didn’t get along and she didn’t, so it’s her fault. Shouldn’t she have insurance for things like this? Is it even a legal business she’s running?

      I hope you find another boarding place to take your dog to from now on.

    8. Rrita Gashi says:

      Ifit was ur kid it would be different ,but you sent your dog to the dog’s care and u excpect ur dog to be safe just as the other dog’s owner does . The momet they take the responsibility to take care of your dog they pretty much have to take care of every single dog! Its noy ur fault for the attack , you can say sorry but not PAY about anything , tell them to be reasonable , if not talk to the menager pf the ‘dog’s care’ !

    9. More Bored Collie says:

      It really depends on the paperwork that was signed prior to you dropping your dog off.

      An example of one is here: http://www.barkolounge.com/forms/Owner_LIability_Waiver.pdf
      And it states that the owner of the dog is responsible for any harm caused by their dog.

      From the sounds of things (9 dogs running around a home loose) I can’t really imagine it being a proper licenced facility.
      While I hope for your sake that it is, the situation does not sound very professional.

      You may want to speak with a lawyer on the matter to discuss local laws, and liabilities.

    10. Sammy Gabbie LOVE raw meat! says:

      That depends on the papers you signed. The papers you signed may have stated that the kennel isn’t liable for any fights and injuries caused by your dog or by other dogs. If it was my dog, I’d cover all vet expenses related to the attack. The rest is BS and won’t hold up in court.

      Your dog must have had problems before with being aggressive with other dogs at kennels, because you said for her to call you if your dog caused any problems…I’m surprised the kennel took your dog. Being as your dog has a history of attacking other dogs in cage free kennels, I would stick to caged kennels only.

    11. MtotheR MIGHTY RA! says:

      The kennel owner, who has been left in charge of the dogs it sounds like a scam to me. They would be emotionally distressed if they tried that on me.

    12. NCSU Happy Dog says:

      1. A kennel is licensed, bonded, and insured. This is why. The kennel and kennel owner are responsible for the care and behavior of dogs while the dog is there.

      2. Dogs that don’t know each other should not be allowed access to one another. Even if they’ve been social to or tolerant of every dog they ever met prior to that.

      3. If this "kennel owner" only keeps dogs in her house, she does not sound like a professional, and merely does this as a means to make money on the side. Reconsider ever boarding your dog in human home environment, especially when she has 9 dogs to a single person. This is too many dogs, poor dog to caretaker ratio.

      4. A sickly dog should not boarded at some random individual’s home. A sickly elderly dog shouldn’t even be around other dogs! She should be isolated, so she’s not bothered, stressed by other dogs, and she gets all the water, food, and elimination access she needs.

      5. At doggie daycare facilities and boarding facilities, if "socializing" is allowed, it is strictly controlled, limited to a few dogs at a time. The dogs that are alotted a play group have been introduced one on one with each dog in the group, without other dogs around, to assess their compatability. Puppies should never be with mature adults. Juvenile adults should never be with geriatric dogs.

      Be aware of all these things during your next choice of boarding facility. Look for one that is ABKA certified.

      Get a civil case lawyer. They will make quick work of poorly grounded accusations and blame-casting. It’s your responsibility to find a better solution for your dog when you must board her. It’s the kennel owner or pet sitter’s job to take care of the dogs in her charge. The GSD owner cannot make you pay for expenses related to poor management of the dogs under the kennel’s/sitter’s care.

      If your dog attacked a dog while under your responsibility, such as escaping your home, your leash, or while you allowed her off-leash, then you are responsible for damages incurred. Many people just pay for their own dogs’ injuries themselves, but you should volunteer to help in any way you can, and then strive with much effort, expense, and time to socialize your dog or limit her exposure to other dogs.

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