Which Puppy Should I Choose! A question just for fun!!!?


I will be graduating college soon so my aunt is going to give me a Long Haired Miniature Dachshund as a present. I am at the point in my life where I can have a dog and can put the time in with it. Also its going to be a travel companion, as my boyfriend is in law school in Ohio so I spend a lot of time on the road on the weekends.

She is going to be coming into town next weekend with 2-3 puppies for me to choose from. 2 are offspring of her International Champion English Creme and another Kennels dog. And the other pup is from her male and her Dapple female. I have to pick 1 of the 3.

Here are the 3 pups!
Pup 1: English Creme female with soft features, and is quiet but with a big personality!
Pup 2: A shaded red male with soft and expressive eyes. but has a more outgoing personality.

Pup 3: A double dapple male, with the the most developed personality and is very small. He is by far the cutest of the dogs and has the best personality but has the major possibility of being deaf due to his coat pattern.

Which pup in your opinions should I choose?! They are all great dogs with great health (with the exception of the possibility of deafness) I know my decision will be based on when I actually see them but I would LOVE your opinions!!! They are all Adorable!
And whichever dog I choose will only ever be a pet. I will be spaying or neutering them at the proper age, and this dog is going to be a companion for me, my boyfriend, and to travel with!

Who should i choose!!!
Thank you for all the suggestions.
And for the person who said I need to take a quiz on which dog I would prefer we have had mini-dachshunds for quite awhile and I am happiest with that breed. I take my sisters hiking all the time!

And to the person who feels sorry for the 2 pups not picked. If I don’t take the deaf dog, my cousin who has raised deaf dogs before is going to take him he also may not be totally deaf, and a friend of my aunt will probably take the other. They will all get good homes!

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    11 Responses to “Which Puppy Should I Choose! A question just for fun!!!?”

    1. Bella <3 Golden Gal says:

      Whenever you pick up the puppy in your arms…you will just know which one is for you! You won’t chose the dog, he will chose you!

      Hope this helps, good luck, and listen to what your heart tells you. Good Luck!

    2. lilsuesue1 says:

      I agree with Shyloh. You can get the cutest dog and it could turn out to be the meanest. You really need to take a quiz on what kind of dog you would actually prefer.


    3. june spoon says:

      the pup will choose you

    4. Jenny says:

      I think Puppy 2 because that one is more outgoing like you said. But, I kinda feel bad for Puppy 1 and 3. But, I just think that you should have a outgoing dog.

    5. ♥Pitbull lover♥ says:

      I would go with puppy number 3, but make sure you see each puppy before you pick.

    6. Purebreds Rock! says:

      I suggest not going with the one who is deaf. There will be tough training down the road. I tend to think that male dogs bond better with thier owners. Get pup 2.

    7. grrngirl says:

      If you have free range of your choice have your aunt put them all in the room with you. You’ll know the one then. Every puppy I’ve ever been given the option of choosing was the one that came to me and wanted to get attention from me. They are puppies so they will all more than likely want attention but you’ll see that one, the one that has picked you. While the other two go off and play he or she will stick by you.

    8. Tiffany W says:

      I really like #2!!

    9. shylowsmom says:

      Base your choice on personality- not looks. Spend time with each dog and choose the one you are most comfortable with. If you do this- you will know which one to choose!

    10. kiki bee says:

      I think you should get puppy 1!

    11. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie ♪♫ says:

      I say spend time with the puppies and base your decision on their personalities.. not their looks. Spend a few hours playing with them and truley learning their personalities.. you will figure out which one just says "pick me.. Im the one!"

      You might want to research training and living with deaf dogs.. the dog could become dependant on you because of the hearing loss, or it could be more difficult to work with and train, which may be a problem if you are a traveller! Deaf dogs are often more vocal than those that are able to hear. You dont know that the dog is deaf, but understanding what it may be like to live with a deaf dog may help you decide whether or not to rule that pup out. This dog may be better off tho with your cousin who has experience with deaf dogs.