which of these 3 dog breeds should i get easy 10 pts?


A Miniature Pincher- http://www.fordogtrainers.com/ProductImages/dog-breeds-muzzles/Miniature-Pinscher-muzzle-Miniature-Pinscher.jpg

A Manchester toy terrier – http://www.nextdaypets.com/directory/breeds/images/1100170.jpg

A English Toy terrier – http://static.gotpetsonline.com/pictures-gallery/dog-pictures-breeders-puppies-rescue/english-toy-terrier-pictures-breeders-puppies-rescue/pictures/english-toy-terrier-0001.jpg

We want a dog that is easily trainable and is nice with children out of these 3 breeds. I have a son that is 13 and a daughter that is 4. And also we live in a small 2 bedroom house that has a small backyard. And a drive way as long as my house (length) so he can run a little more.We live in Los Angles California near the beach.We also go on a walk each day like at 7. And this will be our first dog.

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11 Responses to “which of these 3 dog breeds should i get easy 10 pts?”

  1. DebiDel says:

    I don’t know if you have considered an English Springer Spaniel but we got one last year and it is the sweetest, gentlest dog we’ve ever owned…and we’ve owned many dogs. The females weigh about 40 and the males weigh about 45 so they aren’t a really big dog either. Also, their fur is very soft and the kids will love petting it.

  2. mjaynes288 says:

    None of the above.

    These breeds are fragile. A 4 year old cannot help being clumsy. Any of these breeds could be seriously injured by being dropped, stepped on, or sat on. All these breeds can be easily overwhelmed by loud voices and quick movements of children. The Min Pin and Manchester are likely to become defensive. They will not tolerate teasing. They are also prone to guarding their food and toys. English Toy Terriers are more likely to become fearful and shy.

    Miniature Pinschers and Toy Manchester Terrier can be very stubborn dogs when they want to. I would not suggest them for a first dog.

  3. Young. says:

    they all look alike but with different names. i prefer anyone of them cos all dogs have different presonality.

  4. M says:

    In your situation since you have a 2bedroom house maybe a cat would be more useful. They are very easy to handle and im sure your 4 year old daughter however if you truely want a dog than i would neither suggest any of the above but either a Miniture Schnauzer which are extremely playful of a Jack Russell, However if you want one of the three dogs above than i would choose a Miniature Pinscher

  5. lovedogs84 says:

    i would suggest an english toy terrier. i work at a boarding kennel and have had some experience with aggression in miniature pinchers, but english toy terriers i find wonderful little dogs! they dont require that much exercise, so a walk everyday seems very good. i would also suggest adopting from a shelter or a breed rescue. remember: by adopting from a shelter you save two lives: the life of the animal you adopt and the one that you make room for! whatever you choose- good luck with your new dog!

  6. Bobbie L says:

    That’s a decision that only you can make.

  7. Kendra C says:

    I say go with the Mini Pin. They are adorable and I’ve heard they are easy trained. Plus I don’t think they get too big. So I say def. Mini Pin.

  8. Jason says:

    i’d get the Miniature Pincher they are usually Pretty good around children and there not that hyper

  9. Princess Puppy says:

    ok they look almost identical.. but the min oin is cuter…. dont listen to earnest g gsd are horrible no for good dogs… trust me!! one bit me.. i didnt even touch him… and they will most likly mess up your house and beat up your kid (GSD)…

  10. Ernest G says:

    none of the above you have to get a german shepard he will play with you kids and guard them they are the best dogs make sure to get one from a good breeder or german shepard rescue

  11. mooseygirl15 says:

    First off, all the dogs look almost identical, I would go with the Miniature Pincher, because terriers will be super jumpy and this may upset your 4 year old. If you are getting a dog, would it actually be a dog, or would it be a puppy. If it is a puppy depending on the breed, they can be pretty nippy when teething so watch out for the little ones fingers.