Which is the best vacuum for pet hair on tile and hardwood floors?


I have hardwood and an area rug in the living room and tile in my kitchen. I also have a German Shorthair Pointer who sheds year round. I need a good floor vac that I can use daily to get up the dirt he brings in and constant supply of dog hair he leaves me. I’m also looking for a steam cleaner for the floors so if it happens to come in a 2 in 1 type of thing that’s great too!

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    2 Responses to “Which is the best vacuum for pet hair on tile and hardwood floors?”

    1. luvmykitty says:

      You need a canister vacuum. An upright will just fling pet hair around. Go to Sears. They have a canister that works great! It steers like crap because it has 3 wheels, but the suction is wonderful for hardwood and linoleum. Also has a separate attachment for your furniture that’s awesome and the bags last a long time. The hepa filtration system is fantastic. I have a cat that sheds twice a year, the first 6 months and the last 6 months. This vac is WONDERFUL. Just wish it steered better.

    2. A. Spruce says:

      For bare floors, canisters work best. The long wand with a wide, non-powered floor brush will gently loosen dust and debris to be vacuumed up. You can use an upright with an onboard hose and wand, with the same wide, non-powered floor brush just as well, though uprights don’t follow along behind quite as well as a canister will.

      I’ve personally got a Dyson upright, and when using the hose, wand, brush as described above, it works beautifully on all hard surfaces. I’ve used and can recommend Miele canisters like the Ariel http://www.bestvacuumreviews.com/miele-s5-ariel-vacuum-cleaner.html or the Vita Vac brand canister, but to be honest, it will be hard to replace my Dyson with anything else. If you’ve got carpeting as well, you’ll want a canister that has a powered brush roll to work the fibers of the carpet for maximum dirt and hair extraction. I would also recommend purchasing a vacuum that has a turbo hand tool, which is invaluable for removing hair from pet bedding, furniture, and other fabric surface.