which bedding is the best to use for my pet dwarf hamster?


the wood shaving kind or this gray one that’s much more softer (i don’t know what’s it called, but the product’s called "carefresh")?

and for future reference, which is a better gender to get? male or female? because i heard that the male ones are more nicer.

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    8 Responses to “which bedding is the best to use for my pet dwarf hamster?”

    1. Quinn says:

      NO DON’T get wood shaving it damages their lungs and also respiratory get carefresh or aspen and i do not think colored bedding is harmful i have had many hamsters before so TRUST ME don’t get pine or cedar and i think coored critter care from walmart is like the same as carefresh.

    2. Stephanie S says:

      You can use Carefresh and Aspen bedding for hamsters. One thing you should know is to never use Cedar or Pine bedding, it can cause serious respiratory problems in hamsters. Here are a few sites that give examples of the right type of hamster bedding


      I hope these work for you.

      I always had male hamsters and they are such sweethearts

    3. Dylan S says:

      carefresh bedding , it is found at almost all petsotres, and it dosnt smell bad, it absorbed oder it is comfortable and it can be used with all rodents and reptiles because it is good on there delicate respitory systems

    4. haliy l says:

      carefresh is best and safest, i have heard that males dont give off as much of an odour as females do.

      *also with carefresh you can get all kinds of colours.*

    5. T Bar M says:

      The gray kind of bedding is better if you want your hamster to sleep more. If you want your hamster to be awake must of the time get wood shavings.

      Male, they don’t bite as much.

    6. ♥-XxPet answereRxX-♥ says:

      Well, females, they are very nice, and males get mad at you when you bug them, and what goes for bedding, carefresh can cause skin conditions and further…I use a brand and its in a yellow colored bag and its called Cozy Critter Super Shavin’s and it can be used for all small animals, I have been using it all of thier lives and they are very healthy. Nothing has happened..No signs of illness, theyre healthy as a horse! Good luck!

    7. cesarsbabygirl says:

      Carefresh is the safest bedding for hammies. Whatever you choose NEVER use cedar bedding, very bad for hamsters! As for gender choosing, I have heard all sorts of stories but I have always gotten female teddy bear hamsters and they are all super sweet. None of them have ever tried to bite me, not even once. I’m not sure about dwarf hamsters though, I have never owned one.

    8. purplecatwarrior says:

      NO PAPER! If stuffed into their mouths, it can choke them. My friend’s hamster died because she didn’t take my advice. Don’t use Cedar bedding, but shaved pine or aspen is the best. Also, the gray stuff is dusty (it may claim to be safe, but it really is VERY dusty. My hamster had to have her eye looked at, plus expensive medicine for her eye getting the paper in it.) Now I only use Pine or Aspen. Please take my word for it. Wood is more like what they use in the wild.

      Also, both genders are very sweet. If you breed them, also, you can keep the parents together to raise their young, unlike normal hamsters.

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