Where’s the dog


Three cats, one dog basket, so where’s the poor dog

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    6 Responses to “Where’s the dog”

    1. Loen210 says:

      Too sweet! Both the cat siblings AND so much, your dog. Thanks for the great videos of your sweeties.

    2. camcrazed says:

      So glad you like my videos.

      My sense of humour comes from living with my four amazing creatures.

    3. Teraldine says:

      LMAO!! You have a great sense of humor, music, and your videos make me giggle BIG time. The poor dog looked so…embarrassed! LOL!!

    4. Umhors says:

      Poor cute doggie. Those are some cruel cats you have there, but seeing as I am a cat maniac… go cats!

    5. alaninserres says:

      bless him, so cute

    6. kevinandjen1020 says:

      just adorable!