Whenever i'm trying to put my dog to bed, he runs to the couch and while grabbing him he growls. why is that?


He goes to bed when i go to mine and its in my room. Its like a big pillow not in a crate.

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    7 Responses to “Whenever i'm trying to put my dog to bed, he runs to the couch and while grabbing him he growls. why is that?”

    1. Kate Jarvis says:

      he’s just being disobedient and he also obviously doesnt like "bedtime" so try to incorporate a positive experience whenever hes in his bed. like everytime he goes in it give him a small treat and lots of attention.

    2. Meemers says:

      He is challenging you, curb that behavior..donot allow him on the couch.

    3. R says:

      You have to make him want to go to bed. Does he get played with when he’s on the couch and thinks its playtime??? Reward him and praise him for going to bed, and he needs gentle encouragement. It took 14 months for my dog to learn to go to bed and stay there…

    4. Kershel says:

      Well if its a puppy then it just wants to play probably,if its an older dog he might just want to be alone on the couch and if you grab him he might be sore . if its none of these ages and its just a dog at a regular age then your dog might be grumpy, are not wanting to be touched also I have a dog that when you put her on my bed she stays on for awhile but she jumps down and she pants because she gets to warm and she also likes her space so maybe your dog gets warm or likes its space.

      hope i helped:O)

    5. Gigi says:

      well obviously he just dosnt want to sleep in his bed well duh just leave him alone !!!

    6. Olive says:

      uh teach him to go on his own. he’s being silly and disobedient, that’s why he growls when you ‘grab’ him.

    7. Lucia says:

      I am not an expert, but I do have a dog.
      It’s possible that he feels protective of the couch. Or it may be the way you are approaching him.
      Is your dog allowed on the couch during the day? If so, your dog might think its o.k to be there in the night time. (It might be hard for a dog to understand that they can go on it in the day, but not on the night.)

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