When I’m house sitting for you, would it be weird if my dog slept in your bed with me?


He’s a nice dog and will be in your house anyway. Your floor is kind of cold and he would be lonely in the guest bed. He does not have fleas or rabies or anything.

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8 Responses to “When I’m house sitting for you, would it be weird if my dog slept in your bed with me?”

  1. kessell jarreau says:

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  2. waldal pantaleon says:

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  3. RҚσ Mıragε ® - тıʟʟ тнε εпɔ σғ тıмε says:

    No, not at all.

  4. The Mad Shillelagh says:

    Oh that’ll be just great for my hayfever when I get home. (*reviews applications of other house-sitters without dogs*)

  5. Devilishly ♥ Divine says:

    Not at all, each of my dogs has slept on or in my bed, yours would be welcome with you.

  6. CarolineIsHelenKellar says:

    My cats wouldn’t like that.

  7. My Secret Identity says:

    If I did not mind your dog staying with you, I would not mind him sleeping in the bed with you. I would not want him to be cold or lonely. If I still had my cat, there would be a problem, though. I would appreciate your honesty, and it would save me from wondering why you smelled slightly doggish, and why you were shedding. Nothing personal, but I would change the sheets after you visited, anyway. I would have put on fresh sheets for you before your arrival.

    I used to do a lot of house and pet sitting. During busy times, I would only be at home about 4 days in the summer. I preferred staying in guest rooms, and I didn’t mind if their pets slept with me. I used to sleep quite often on a guest twin bed with two greyhounds and a cat.

    I appreciate you letting me know that your dog doesn’t have rabies. I never asked that of the pets I watched, and I guess I am lucky that I was never attacked, and then shot in the shed out back like Ol’ Yeller.

    You did not specify if you personally had rabies. I do not mind, as long as you do not jump out from behind the couch when I return home to sever my throat.

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