What's the best technique to teach my dog "off the couch"?

What's the best technique to teach my dog "off the couch"?


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    24 Responses to “What's the best technique to teach my dog "off the couch"?”

    1. justme says:

      we used to use mouse traps. you tape a piece of carboard to th metal piece and then when the dog hits it it may pinch its ear or toe or make a loud pop… but dont forget the cardboard dont want the snap being so powerful it gives more then a pinch!

    2. Eddie says:

      theres a spray you can spray around the couch that deters the dog that only the dog can smell.

      (just research were to find it)

    3. Satan says:

      every time he get’s on the couch, push him off and say "no" or "off the couch" after so long he will understand that what he is doing is wrong, and will stop doing it. around you at least. :p just make sure that you never ever let him on the couch for any reason, if you do he will be confused. good luck.

    4. Care says:

      When my dog was younger, I would put one hand on his collar, point away from the couch with my other hand, and tell him "off". If he didn’t move, I would pull on his collar and make him get off the couch, then I would sit there.

      Now, all I have to do is point away from the couch and he moves.

    5. David says:

      The best way to keep your dog off the couch is to put spiky mats on the surface.

    6. Mimi says:

      ok first if it jumps up, just simply push him down.. then once hes off clap and praise him and you know pet him fed him ect. it works for my pup. oh and PS repeat this oover and over again

    7. Figgy says:

      Be calm, be assertive, make the noise of Shhhht everytime he jumps on the couch and nudge him onto the floor – just like another dog would do if it wanted him out of the way. You have to communicate to him as dog, rather than a human.

      If you keep doing this and you are consistent eventually he will get the message. If you only do it sometimes the dog will become very confused.

    8. josimspro says:

      you can spray him with a water bottle until he learns we did this when my dog wouldn’t stop humping XD lol and now if she ever humps we get the water bottle out and she stops right away just spray him and say off the couch eventually he’ll get it unless he loves water on him

    9. Mr big says:

      every time he gets on push him of and say no! oh my god thats somthing my gf is always saying to me.

    10. moon_cake says:

      I would suggest just saying "No" and pushing him/her the moment they jump on.

      I think that’s what my friend does, and their dog rarely ever jumps on the couch anymore.

    11. Kenya Sade S says:

      The best way is squeak a toy or shake a treat bag.

    12. :.Your FAVORITE mistake:. says:

      We have 4 dogs and we just say loudly off and snap our fingers..sometimes we say please..lol..it works..and if they dont do it force them to,

    13. Amber C says:

      Well say down or off and use that word repeatedly. And "push" him off the couch.

    14. Breezy77 says:

      hold it by the collar and make it sit on the ground…then reward it. if you do this repeatedly, they will get the idea…it might take a little while though

    15. Jodie says:

      I saw a product online once that you slip under the cushion of the couch and it is activated by the weight of the dog, it makes an alarm sound. It may be annoying to you at first but maybe it will do the trick. I bet places like petco have it.

    16. Dr Peach says:

      An option is to buy a plastic throw, the type found at paint stores and used to cover furniture. It’s not pretty, but it works, and most dogs don’t find it comfortable.

      You might want to shop around online for better prices and also check with your local pet stores. PetSmart online carries it at a lower price but you’ll have to compare shipping charges.

    17. Maria M says:

      talk to him he will understand you

    18. LUCKY 11 says:

      hit him with your beer bottle everytime he gets up there, works each time with me

    19. Miss Honesty says:

      get him off immediately and say NO very sternly. and no matter what get him off as soon as he gets on. if u r on the couch dont let him up in the first place…say no when he tries. good luck 🙂

    20. MONEY ON MY MIND says:

      WHIP HIS ASS!!! C-BASS!!!

    21. Boboroni says:

      My grandma just gave the dog a spank and said NO!! very loud..and after about 5 or 6 attempts the dog learned.

    22. ELIZA JACKSON says:

      i have no clue

    23. Used Battery says:

      Bring out the vacuum ^.^

    24. David S says:

      You have to be the pack leader. Then your dog will obey any command.