What’s REALLY in Your Pet’s Food!!


Do you really know what your pet ate last night? You will be SHOCKED to learn what’s legally allowed in pet food.

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    25 Responses to “What’s REALLY in Your Pet’s Food!!”

    1. patchouliwindz says:

      Raw meat and bones [S.A.R.F.=species appropriate raw food diet] are what they would eat naturally in the wild..NOT the meat from your local supermarket of course, but from a local organic farmer [grass fed beef] or you may hunt for food, [venison, etc] then you are more likely to get FRESH meat minus all the chemicals, steroids, antibiotics and disease. There are also places like Blackwing to get grass fed beef, bison, etc, online.

    2. FXThug says:

      you should see whats really in human food, want better? Go Organic just that it cost 3x more.

    3. foryourpetssake says:

      99% of all pet owners are shortening the life of the pet they love without knowing it! You can add years to the life of your pet and reduce many of their health problems, if you know one important fact your veterinarian never tells you. –foryourpetssake . net

    4. thehomefront says:

      please could you show us some proof that you are a vet.

    5. weatherboi says:

      Not just someone screwed up, but got screwed. But good information, thanks for sharing.

    6. weatherboi says:

      Not just someone screwed up, but got screwed.

    7. maharley27 says:

      No man made food is in the best interest of your animal (pet), only you are. The best way to feed you cat/dog is raw chicken, duck, beef, pork higher quality portions. Dogs/cats are (for the most part) carnivors, and without us they would revert back to hunting and eating raw meat. So, put into your own hands go the the super market and buy your pet what you can afford in poultry or meat. that is the only way you can 100% know what is going into your pet. They will live longer 🙂

    8. maharley27 says:

      @matwocents Actually , dogs are generally supposed to live up 28 years. and the euthinasia in the shleter animals doesnt break down in the “processing” so it is still in the food. Its causes very slow shortening of life span just like dohnuts and burgers does ours. Better quality food equals longevity. Just FYI 🙂

    9. Wtflolyay says:

      @matwocents There’s a difference between survive and thrive.

    10. Catahoula155 says:

      @Xcorgi Beneful is the worst dog food you could ever feed your dog.

    11. Hillgenberg says:

      wow! after seeing this makes me very awake to reading what goes into my pets food.

    12. da1sinister1 says:

      amazing video

    13. Tatooinedragracer says:

      @Xcorgi Beniful is still the wrong diet for a cat or dog because it’s cooked and has grain in it. The only correct diet for dogs and cats is a raw diet. Animal Food Services at animalfooddotcom is a good one.

    14. Xcorgi says:

      Go with Beniful. NO by-products!

    15. MsBubbaganoosh says:

      who gives a shit. my dog eats cat shit. SO WHAT.
      i want aborted calf foetus in my sandwich

    16. matwocents says:

      when they cook the stuff, i’m pretty sure it’s at a high enough temperature to kill the viruses and bacteria. they do the same thing when they can human food. it’s called pasteurization. screw this guy, though his story is disgusting. my dad’s german shepard ate wal-mart dog food when he wasn’t fed table scraps and lived well over 10 years with only heart worm medicine. he had arthritis before he died of old age. this vet obviously wants to promote his field and books!!

    17. BeavisNacho says:


    18. J2KGTS6 says:

      @cducalgary do you have any idea what you are talking about? Dogs and Cats are by nature CARNIVORES, they are meant to eat meat, the best diet for dogs and cats is RAW.. yes… raw meat, organs, and bone. Dogs and cats don’t eat corn meal and grains in nature most of that provides no dietary purpose for them and a lot of it is difficult for them to digest.

    19. NaeJoy says:

      Feed your dog James Wellbeloved or Burns and it will live and long and healthy life.

    20. i811st says:

      I wonder what they actually get away with at the hotdog factory?

    21. i811st says:

      Very true. The vet tried to push her “Science Diet” garbage on me and I looked at the ingredients on her promo brochure, 1st ingredient: CORN! I laughed at her . She was also trying to tell me that feeding my Presa-Canario Raw bones and meat could cause illness. But it’s funny that when i eliminated any trace of corn from his diet, his skin, and coat became vibrant and healthy, as did his overall persona.(or is that ‘dog-ona’? lol.)

    22. CRFCat says:

      NO you dont go to your vet because VETS prescribe the foods that they get a DEAL on! IF YOU LOOK at your VETS food ingredients you will almost ALWAYS find “by products” AND/OR Animal fat. Especially in the prescription diets. The vets make a killing off of sick animals right? Many of them don’t know, and if they did what are they going to do about it? Risk losing clients because their script diet is wholesome and more expensive? Not to mention lose clients b/c their patients actually get well?

    23. cducalgary says:

      Blah blah blah….. that’s why you don’t get grocery store pet food. Go to your vet. Get a real diet that’s not LOADED with protein (which is NOT good for animals in the long run, throws off their chemistries!) like most of the “natural” dog foods are. Some producers spend their profits on RESEARCH on what’s best for animals. FIND THEM!!!
      If it looks the same coming out of your pet as is does going in, what are they really getting from it?!?!?!

    24. ZenZill says:

      I’m gonna throw up…

    25. Sarahjaneybabe says:

      Look at the book to his right, at 4:06 and I think there is a ghost!!! But this video is very useful. <3

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