what would be a good dog breed for these requirements?


Hey there, so we are looking into getting a dog, we have enough money to buy one, i have enough money saved up for all the food, crates, toys, beds, bowls, leashes, collars, ect for hte dog, but we are having a hard time find a good breed. So here’s our deal: I’m 14 going on 15, i’m at school for 7 hours a day, so the puppy would either remain a) In his crate till then, or B) in a ‘fenced’ in area of my room with puppy pads. My mom gets home at noonish, so she could take him out, we also live in a town house, so we don’t want a really big dog, i would be able to take it out and exercise it. I want a dog that I can still run with/walk with, and it won’t get all that tired, i also don’t want any really small lap dogs. (Chihuahua, Maltese, Shitzh zu. Ect) any ideas of a good dog breed?
the puppy wouldn’t be in the crate for 7 hours straight…my mom would let him out when she got home.

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14 Responses to “what would be a good dog breed for these requirements?”

  1. Soul T says:

    West Highland terrier you can run with them have a lap dog all the benefits of a big dog in a little package….

  2. macaroniart1 says:

    I agree with Fete de Nuit Bal without hesitation.
    You can find any kind of breed from pure breed, to great mix dogs at the shelter and you’d be saving a life and help clearing the much needed shelter space for another dog. With approx over 550 unwanted pets an hour being put down in shelters every day in america.
    bestfriends.org is a great website with lots of pet ownership info. . They even have a show on national geographic now called dog town. 🙂 They are in resource for even after you have your pet and having concerns or questions
    Take a peek on petfinder.com and also call your local pet supply stores, rescues and shelters often come in for on site adoption events. Ask lots of questions. Keep an open mind about breeds and age. A more adult dog may be exactly what you need. I’ve adopted dogs at both tiny puppies and more grown up dogs. Though puppies are so cute, the more grown up dogs were so grateful and I never felt like I missed out not having them in their short puppy years. Plus it was so satisfying to give them a place they finally belonged and know that they were now safe. Just something to keep in mind when choosing what is best for you and the new addition to your family.
    good wishes to you and the new addition, who ever it turns out to be! 🙂

  3. ShortSuff says:

    Hey. I think your best bet would be some type of terrier. Lots of people have suggested pet finding websites and those are usually really helpful. I took the quiz on one of my favorite sites for you, as I expected you to answer, just so you can get an idea. Here are the results (I put stars next to the ones I like particularly)

    Skye Terrier
    American Staffordshire Terrier
    Brussles Griffon
    Welsh Corgi*
    Fox Terrier*
    Shiba Inu
    Clumber Spaniel
    Fox Terrier
    West Highland Terrier*
    Austrailian shepherd
    Norwegian Elkhound
    Norwich Terrier
    Basset Hound
    Boston Terrier*
    Italian Greyhound*

    You should deffinatly do if for yourself as well though.


    I would really urge you to go to your local shelter and see if you can adopt one of the animals there. They can be very very loving and they all really need a home.

  4. hammy_lover12 says:

    a jack rusell terrier is not a lap dog he can fit in ur room cause its not big so it could be a good do g for u and dont put the dog in a dog carrier

  5. ♥Pit Bull♥ says:

    What about money for Veterinary care?

    Spay/neuter? Vaccinations? Wormings? Vet visits? Can you afford ALL of that?

    What about training classes?

    A small breed puppy won’t be able to hold it, even for only 4 hours. I would not recommend getting a puppy.

    I would, as the third person suggested, go to your local shelter, or Rescue, or SPCA, and pick out an already trained, adult dog.

  6. Thank U 2 says:

    Spaniels are loving, patient and sweet dogs; cocker spaniels or springer spaniels;

    terriers are nice but they are very very energetic and tend to bark more

    I would suggest however that you PLEASE Visit the nearest animal shelter, humane society will tell you where; or call a rescue group. you can find them on the internet.

    your dog that has been abandoned and now has a loving home will give you decades of love and protection and caring. believe me; they are the best dogs.

    My first dog at your age was a dachsund; he was sweet, loving, kind to children, and loved cats! he was great to take for walks because everyone enjoyed watching his little short legs walk so fast … and they are great at ferreting out little varmints.

    love your dog and take care of it and it will love you forever.

    good luck to you.

  7. zh11493 says:

    THere’s terriers,chows,miniature poodles(they arent tiny just medium sized),Daschund,etc.If you look up medium dog guide they’ll give you names of medium sized dogs.

  8. Mollie G says:

    Hello! You say you would not want a lap dog.
    But I think you should consider a poodle. They come in various sizes. they are a very loving dog. and very clever. Also they are a social dog and can be trained easily. Having had one for 19 years I talk from experience. I had this dog during the time I was breeding German Shepard’s he was dog compatible and people friendly. This is very important. Also poodles have wool and do not shed hair. This would be good for a house dog. Good luck

  9. iPup says:

    i dont know that many breeds but maybe a beagle?
    my friends got one of them and hes really nice and all.

    look at these websites, they r helpful like heck:


    these sites have quizzes to find the perfect dog for u and also info on the breed and breeders to get one from.

    i hope these will help u 😀

  10. Alice M says:

    you should get a cocker spaniel or a manchester terrier those are the 2 really smart dogs i have a chihuahua mix manchester and he is really smart he doesnt chew on shoes or anything if i were u i would get one of those there trained and they are cuddely and sensitive 🙂 they also love to have fun my dog just sleeps all day long until i come home so dont worry he wont mess up ur house 🙂

  11. Fete de Nuit Bal says:

    It’s not possible for a puppy to be in a crate for 7 hours straight. Have you thought of adopting an adult dog? Just because you have your pup ‘fenced’ in a room doesn’t mean he’ll use the pads, or stay out of trouble. Just a thought. 🙂

    What kind of grooming would you be able to keep up with? Miniature Poodles are slightly-smaller versions of standard poodles, and are wonderful, sweet dogs. They’re active, but as long as you take them on a walk a day, they will be relaxed and behave indoors. However, they are emotional dogs, and so I don’t know if 7 hours alone a day would be good for one or not.

    Really, I think the best bet would be to go to a shelter and see who picks you out. If you’re pretty open dog breed wise, you might as well just go and see who needs a home.

  12. wherewhenwhatwhywho says:

    Here is a dog breed selector that might help.


  13. papa's little girl says:

    boston terrier. I have one and you literally named everything that he can do!! he’s not big either. kinda in between med. and large but it all depends on the parents. the best thing to do is go to a shelter and find a dog that you like. it’s alot easier then picking a special breed. also you can ask the shelter for a certain breed. like in houston texas there is a all boxer rescue and there’s an english bulldog rescue too!! (english bulldog one is in fort worth texas area…sorry!! lol)

  14. ~Gods lil'Cowgurl ~ AKA: Me! says:

    Sheltie, they are pretty small dogs usually come up to your knee or lower, they are very friendly sweet dogs and great with kids and strangers… i know how you feel i just turned 15 but i got a chihuahua lol! Shelties love to exercise, play, and rarely have any health problems…. heres a thing about them,


    besides chihuahuas shelties are very good pets!