what should i get my girlfriend for christmas?

what should i get my girlfriend for christmas?


we’ve been dating for almost two years and i’ve gotten her just about every romantic thing in the world. (necklace, diamond ring, stuffed animals, picture frame with us in it, and chocolates).

she’s picky and she always buys me really expensive things. however moneys tight.

my ideas so far are:
a gift basket including (sims3 for pc, 25$ gas card, christmas slippers/socks, a cd with all the songs that remind me of her, a collage of our pictures on a box [for jewelry], her favorite chips&salsa, popcorn and movie tickets, and lastly a coupon for a full body massage with her favorite scented oil)

or a pet bunny.

however i want more ideas, please help!

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3 Responses to “what should i get my girlfriend for christmas?”

  1. RaynDrops04 says:

    Does she like creative, luxurious and cutesy stuff, plus getting lots of packages in the mail? You could get her a gift package subscription. She’ll get a cute fun package once a month, and each time it’s full of fun surprises.

    The name of the company is fair ivy surprise package subscriptions. My boyfriend has gotten them for me in the past and I love them Its really exciting getting mystery mail…plus it felt like he was giving me a gift over and over again 🙂

  2. nancy - jewelrysaga says:

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  3. alex says:

    Honestly, this answer probably sucks… but that gift basket idea is the best idea! It includes all of her favorites, some things that remind you of her, and your own creative touch. I would probably put it in a stocking instead of a basket. But to know that my boyfriend knows me that well and would be creative enough to make a CD mix and collage for me is the best ever. Add a homemade coupon book in there too with coupons of one free back massage or a hug or kiss or one free day that you’ll take her shopping for an outfit she can pick out. It’s corny but cute and I’m not sure if she’s into that but she would either enjoy it or you guys would have a new joke between you!

    Maybe get her a movie that you guys like to watch together or saw in theatres and really enjoyed.