What should I do with my dog when I go on vacation?


Hi, this is my first year having a dog. I know summer vacation is a long way ahead, but I like to look and think ahead. It’s the way I am.
I know my options: boarding kennel, pet sitter, or take her with us. But there are no boarding kennels in my area. So cross that option out. I do have a few friends who have dogs. Should I ask one of them?(well the most experience anway) One of my friends has had a dog since she was little(family dog of course) Should I ask her and should she come to my house?
Or should I take my dog with us. I have searched many many many things up…about car traveling and hotels. My main question is: What do I do with the dog when we go sighseeing? Obviously, I would take her right?(Especially if it is a hotel rule) So what should i take with us on sightseeing(beside the obvious collar leash)
Thanks. I know it’s only winter..but we might go and visit a college that my brother might go to in Indiana(I live in Michigan). Not sure when-but before summer, that’s for sure

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    9 Responses to “What should I do with my dog when I go on vacation?”

    1. baxterville says:

      Dogs are great travel companions and there are quite a few dog-friendly hotel chains. I take my 70# pointer mix with me from Georgia to Michigan every year and she mostly sleeps in the car and only requires rest stops when I do. When we go sightseeing or for long walks, I bring a water dispenser for her (it’s a combination of a bottle and a drinking bowl available at most pet stores), poop bags, and that’s about it. Dogs are almost as low-maintenance on the road as they are at home.

      Boarding is also great for most dogs, but if that’s not an option where you live, taking her with you would be preferable (in my opinion) to asking friends to welcome her into their home. Sometimes when there are other pets in the home, there are conflicts between the visiting and the permanent animals. And taking care of an additional dog is a big responsibility, especially when the guest dog feels out of her element. That’s not a big issue with a lot of dogs (well-adjusted, well-socialized ones), but animals love being with their people more than anything.

      Good for you, thinking so far ahead! I can’t tell you how many people I know who hastily arrange accommodations for their pets as though the animals were an afterthought!

      Here’s a website with hotel information for people who travel with their dogs:


    2. alias boxer says:

      If you feel comfortable asking your friend, and you are comfortable leaving your dog in that person’s care, then go ahead and ask them, I see no harm in it. Make sure that the friend would be comfortable taking on that responsibility and try to work something out so that it puts the least amount of stress on her. If it would be easier for her to keep the dog at her house, then do that. Or if she has other dogs that might not want an extra canine friend, then have her come to your house to care for the dog.

      If you can’t find a friend who will keep your dog, hire a pet-sitter. Best bet would be to hire a sitter who is recommended by someone you know. I would NOT advise boarding your dog… lots of people do it I know, but personally I would NEVER board my dogs, I’ve just heard too many horror stories, plus I can’t stand the thought of them being cooped up in a pen most of the day, in a strange place with lots of other barking dogs.

      If you want to take the dog with you here are a few sites with tips on traveling with pets:


    3. rangersmooshiface says:

      I would say leave your dog with one of your friends. 1, it will be hard to find a hotel that allows dogs. 2, if your dog will be staying at your friends house it will have a playmate and you know it will be taken care of. 3, sometimes dogs get carsick so you don’t want a sick dog for your whole trip. 4, even if there was a dog kennel near your place, it woud still be cheaper to leave your dog with a friend. I take care of my friend’s cat and dog whenever they go away for the weekend or in summer. If you are wondering about what to pay your friend (if you choose your friend), I usually get $20\long weekend (friday saturday sunday) or else $5 \day

    4. Sandy K says:

      It would be a shame for the dog to go to a kennel with barking dogs that he isn’t used to or dump him on a friend that you don’t know whether he would be treated right. The Dog is your responsibility, take him on vacation with you.

    5. Barefoottrimmer says:

      This is something you should have thought out before you got the dog. A dog is a member of the family and should not be pawned off or stuck in a cage for months because you have to go on summer vacation. Sounds like the last thing you think of is the poor dog.

    6. SAMARA G says:

      you should probably tell a friend{that is not allergic to dogs}to take care of it.i am SURE that any hotel you go to there will be a sign that says:NO PETS ALLOWED!believe me.this has happened to me before…

    7. sarahjean says:

      Hotels usually do not let animals come with the family. ask your veterinarian for local boarding kennels for your dog. sometimes leaving the animal home alone adn having a neighbor come over a few times a day to let it out and play/go to the bathroom and feed the dog. its up to you and your decision but make sure someone is looking after the dog while you are away! most animals do very well in boarding kennels if they are okay to be alone for an extended period.

    8. ♥ Eyes of a Warrior- APBT says:

      I think that if you have enough money to vacation then you have enough money to make reservations for your dog, its your responsibility. If your friend excepts then she should bring the dog over to her house so the dog can have constant care, not leaving the dog in a home alone and coming to check on it periodically.

      If the friend can’t keep the dog then you need to make reservations with dog friendly hotels.

    9. amyg says:

      A growing number of hotels are pet-friendly, and if you are willing to take her with you and there is a pet-friendly hotel where you go I am sure your pooch would have a fabulous time. I take mine on vacation with me every summer and it is a blast for both us and the dogs. Other than a collar and leash, you’ll need plenty of food, water, treats and portable dishes, poop-scooper bags, and at least a few favorite toys, as well as a pet first-aid kit and any medicines that you might need — for instance, if your dog frequently gets ear infections, bringing her ear drops is a good idea even if she doesn’t have an infection when you leave. I also always bring my dogs’ brushes, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear wipes and paw-pad cream when we go somewhere, too. If you are unable to take her for whatever reason, I’d suggest a pet sitter that comes to your house. There have been a few overnight trips I’ve had to take where my pups can’t come, so in those instances I have hired a professional petsitter to be here in my absence. She takes them for walks, plays with them, makes sure their food and water dishes are full and snuggles with them to watch TV and spend the night. In my experience, the dogs find it far less frightening or nerve-wracking when they get to stay in their own home surrounded by their toys and get to sleep in their own beds. If it is your first time using a certain petsitter, I’d recommend setting up a visit or two with you and the dog beforehand, so you can be sure they both feel comfortable and get along. I think it is wonderful you are planning this out so far in advance; it shows you really care about your dog and what is best for her.

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